Get Ready for Shark Week

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. Thank you, Wild Republic, for providing me items at no cost for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Every year I look forward to Shark Week. It is something that my family plans for, makes time for and gets super excited about. I, personally, look forward to the educational aspects behind Shark Week but my kids look forward to how I get ready for Shark Week. There are a lot of ways that you can get ready for Shark Week. I love getting my kids together to play shark-themed games, eat shark-themed foods, play shark trivia and more. This creates family time and a lot of awesome memories. Here are a few ways I get ready for Shark Week: Shark Themed Cupcake- … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Get Back to School Ready

"This post is sponsored by Pepperidge Farm, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own." It's a sad reality that summer break cannot last forever. As a mom of 3 little girls, I love summer break. I love that there are no schedules, no homework, and no responsibilities. It is such a relaxing time for my kids and I wish it could last forever but obviously, it can't. Before my girls head off to school there certain things that we have to do to get ready so that they have a successful back to school season. With 3 girls that range from 7 to 13 years old, each child gets ready for back to school in their own way, but as their mom, there are at least 5 ways that I get them ready for the back to school season. 5 Ways to Get … [Read more...]

Disney Do’s and Don’ts

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. Throughout the years that I have visited Walt Disney World with my family, I have learned a lot from past experiences. There is so much to know about Disney and since Disney is ridiculously expensive it's important that you are as prepared as possible so that your time at Disney is filled with happiness and good memories. If you are a seasoned Disney vacationer then feel free to add to my Disney Do's and Don'ts. If you have not vacationed at Disney but are planning to, please make sure to read my list of Disney Do's and Don'ts so that you have an amazing visit with your family. Disney Do's and Don'ts  Do... wear comfortable shoes. Don't ... wear shoes you … [Read more...]

Chaos of Summer With Kids

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. At the end of each school year, I am almost as excited as my kids are for school to let out for the summer. The idea of there not being any homework, schedules, and deadlines always makes me extremely excited. Unfortunately, it does not take long for the chaos of summer with kids to begin. Summer break is supposed to be months of relaxing, vacationing, late nights, sleeping in, along with little to no obligations. As a mom, before summer break arrives, I always look forward to a stress-free summer, but a week after my kids have been home, the chaos quickly begins. Chaos of Summer With Kids Constant Appointments- I do not like … [Read more...]

Dance Recital Etiquette for Audience Members

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. I have 2 girls that are in dance classes. Throughout the year, before the dance recital, my girls along with several other girls and a few boys practice anywhere from one to six times a week. Many of these kids live for dance and are constantly focused on dance. As a mom of 2 little dancers, I enjoy watching my girls practice each week and always look forward to their annual dance recital. One thing that I am not sure that everyone knows is that dance recitals are not free and can become very costly especially if your child is in multiple dances or if you have more than 1 child. With that said, after attending my girl's most recent dance recital I decided that it was … [Read more...]

Tips on Getting Ready for a Nascar Watch Party

 This post is sponsored by Scott Brand, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. My husband has recently started watching Nascar. Even though it's one sport that I do not understand and have a hard time staying focused on, I try my best to enjoy it and appreciate his passion for it. One way that I do this is by having a Nascar watch party. Watch parties can make almost anything fun. For our Nascar watch parties, I invite family along with a few friends and I make sure that they are stress-free, fun and memorable. I also make sure that I have stocked up on everything that I need, especially all of the necessary paper products that I order from Amazon each month from their Subscribe and Save program. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Tips on Making Cleaning Fun

This post is sponsored by Pine Sol but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. I am not sure that anyone really thinks that cleaning is fun, especially my girls, but it's something that has to be done. As my girls grow I introduce new types of chores and at first, they think the new chores are fun but the chores soon become monotonous and boring. It can be hard to keep my girls interested and motivated to help me clean but it's important that they learn the importance of working together as a family so I try my best to make cleaning fun. Every month I take inventory of our cleaning supplies to make sure that we have enough so that we don't run out. Once I determine what I need, I stop at Walmart and pick up everything … [Read more...]