15 Perfect Gifts for Stranger Things Fans

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. My preteen did not waste any time finishing Stranger Things Season 2. She is fascinated with this series and even went to Comic-Con dressed up as Eleven. You can see her costume here, it was pretty good! As I was shopping for my child's Christmas presents, I was amazed at all of the Stranger Things items that are in the marketplace. There are so many cool and awesome items from clothing to Funko Pops to socks to almost everything imaginable. To make it helpful for anyone that is obsessed with Stranger Things like my child and most of America, here is a compilation of 15 perfect gifts for Stranger Things fans. 15 Perfect Gifts for Stranger Things Fans- Quite honestly … [Read more...]

Gifts That Young Artists Will Enjoy

This post contains affiliate links. Please see here for full disclosure. To this day, my 12-year-old child amazes me every time she shows me a piece of her artwork. In my opinion, she is a creative genius that keeps getting better and better. Last year I wrote Gift Ideas for Your Teenage Artist, which my daughter helped me write. I wanted to help parents of talented kids know what their little artists might enjoy using or experimenting with. Now that my daughter is older and has experimented with more art supplies I wanted to share gifts that young artists will enjoy.  When I surprise my daughter with random art supplies, I like buying her supplies that she has never heard of. Doing this encourages her to research, experiment, and … [Read more...]

Disney Dining Plan Tips You Need to Know

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. During our last 2 trips to Walt Disney World, our family decided to purchase the Disney Dining Plan. This was a decision that we always ponder about before adding it to our vacation package for a variety of different reasons. Before each visit and before we make our final decision, we list the pros and cons and then review the cost. Since our family is bigger than most and includes at least 3 adult men each time we visit, it normally ends up making sense for us to add it. During our last trip to Disney, we learned a lot about the Disney Dining Plan. The Disney Dining Plan is not for every family, in addition, there are different levels of the dining plan which you … [Read more...]

20 Toys That Gamers Will Love

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. My girls, like most kids, love computer games. If they don't know how or understand how to play the game then they will most likely watch someone else play it on YouTube. I do not and will never understand why anyone would want to watch someone else play a computer game instead of playing it themselves but it seems like a lot of kids do this. When my girls are not playing their games or watching other people play games, then they are playing with gamer-inspired toys. I feel like it never ends. With the help of my girls, I have put together a list of 20 Toys That Gamers Will Love. 20 Toys That Gamers Will Love  Roblox- My girls are obsessed with playing Roblox … [Read more...]

5 Realities Your Teen Needs to Know

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. I have successfully raised 3 teenagers and I am about to start raising another one. While raising my first set of teenagers I learned a lot, which you can read here. As a parent, I made plenty of mistakes and also learned how to bond with your teen which you can also read here. When I raise my kids, my end goal is to not only instill in them the love that their father and I have for them but to also teach them life lessons and prepare them for the real world. While I am a big believer in letting kids be kids, I am also a big believer in teaching kids realities of the real world and how to be independent and to logically think on their own. 5 Realities Your Teen Needs … [Read more...]

Why I Stopped Being a Home Daycare Provider

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. I originally decided to open my home daycare when I had my second child and realized the cost of daycare for 2 little ones was not worth the cost of working full time and signing over most of my check to a daycare facility. I left my corporate job that I had been with for over 10 years and bravely took on the challenge to start a home business that would bring in some extra income and help me continue to build my skills while at home with my kids. After 10 long years of being a home daycare provider, I recently decided to shut my doors. It was a hard decision that I pondered over and struggled with for almost a year but I knew it was important for me to change the path of … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Motivated After the Back to School Excitement Ends

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here. There are a few special times throughout the year that my kids get excited. A few of those moments are their birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and the first few days of school. I love that they are excited about school starting each year because it shows me that they actually have a love of learning but over the years I have noticed that after a few weeks of school the excitement begins to fizzle. Throughout the years I have come up with ways to keep your kids motivated after the back to school excitement ends. With anything new, it's normal for the excitement to eventually slowly fade. I completely understand when this happens in our household. School is … [Read more...]