Pretty Pintastic Party #61

Summertime Desserts

Can you believe that it's already July? I cannot believe that it arrived so quickly and before we know it, Christmas will have arrived and then we will do it all over again. Something else that arrived quickly was the Pretty Pintastic Party #61. I can't wait to see what everyone has to share but before I post it,  take a look at some of my favorite summertime recipes.   Lemon Fluff Mini Strawberry Banana Pizzas Banana Pudding Crunch  And now for the Pretty Pintastic Party #61!  Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all posts are pinned; features pinned by all! Important:  Once again this week, we had to have to pass over a few posts that we thought would make great features.... but when we checked to see if the … [Read more...]

Back In My Day

Back in my Day

I am a baby of the 70's and a school aged kid of the 80's and a few years of the 90's. As I watch the Millennial generation and my  young kids that are known as Generation Z, I sometimes think to myself or even sometimes say out loud, 'What the heck is wrong with these kids?'. These kids have cell phones at the age of 10, find dates on the internet, take selfies like it's nobody's business and so much more; so because of this I felt it necessary to share some of my 'Back in My Day' moments so that maybe these kids could stop, think and realize how unlucky their generation is. Back in the Day: Kindergarten was half days and we learned to read from 'Dick and Jane' books. We played Dodge Ball and Red Rover during school re … [Read more...]

McKenna Children’s Museum

McKenna Childrens Museum

McKenna Children's Museum provided me 2 complimentary tickets for my children's honest review It's summer and it's time to start marking 'to do's' off of our Family Summer Bucket List. One 'to do' was to go to the McKenna Children's Museum located in New Brunfels, Texas, which is only 30 or so minutes from San Antonio. For this trip, I brought a 10 year old, two 8 year olds, one 5 year old and two 4 years olds. My kids were so excited because they knew that right when you entered the McKenna Chidren's Museum that their imaginations would run wild.  When you enter the building you will walk through a mini gift shop and this is where you pay. Every time we visit the museum my oldest always asks me if I will buy her something and I just giv … [Read more...]

Deception at Litchfield Penitentiary

OITNB s3 e3

Let me just begin by saying that I will not give up on Orange is the New Black. The first 2 seasons had me on the edge of my seat and sadly, like most have said, this season has me tapping my fingers, running to the kitchen without hitting pause and wondering what the writers were thinking, but I am holding onto hope that the upcoming episodes will put me back on the edge of my seat.  This week the topic of discussion will be about deception at Litchfield Penitentiary but first let's do a quick recap. Remember if you've not seen this episode, save for later and / or go to the bottom of the page and answer the discussion question. Recap: This episode focuses a lot on Nicky and the drug use that got her into Litchfield. The big drug pla … [Read more...]

Pretty Pintastic Party #60

Craft Round Up

Can you believe that this is Pretty Pintastic Party #60? That is a lot of awesome parties! With that said, please feel free to invite some guests to this party because it always ends up being an awesome one. Before we start this awesome party let me give you some ideas of how to keep your kids busy this summer! Simple DIY Earrings for Girls Chalkboard Flower Pot Mother's Day Flower Pot Bird Feeder Let's not wait any longer... Now for the Pretty Pintastic Party #60:  Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all posts are pinned; features pinned by all! Important:  Once again this week, we had to have to pass over a few posts that we thought would make great features.... but when we checked to see if the … [Read more...]

Newborn Baby Essentials

Newborn Baby Essentials

This post contains affiliate links to make your shopping easier Who doesn't love to shop for a new baby? The clothes are so tiny and so adorable that often times you find yourself wanting to buy the cutest, most ruffly, and over the tops outfits. These outfits may be the cutest thing you've seen in a long time but before you make that purchase think about the life of a newborn baby. The life of a newborn baby consists of sleeping, eating and going potty, not much more than that. So with that said, fancy and frilly clothes are not necessary. As a mom that has raised a lot of babies, I've compiled a list of some of the most useful newborn baby essentials. These baby essentials are a must and will make your day and night with your newborn m … [Read more...]

Bed Bugs at Litchfield Penitentiary

Bed Bugs at Litchfield

Season 3 Episode 2 what do you guys think so far? I've heard a few of you say that this season is not as exciting as the others and it is kind of boring. For me, I am still drawn in by each character and cannot wait to find out what will happen to Daya's baby and who the baby will live with. Episode 2 opens up with bed bugs at Litchfield Penitentiary and I cannot imagine being in these women's shoes and having to deal with bed bugs but how they react to them is hilarious. Now if you’ve not watched this episode, bookmark or pin my post and come back after you’ve made time to watch, however, even if you’ve not watched this episode, you can go to the bottom of this post and answer my discussion question. This week my discussion question will fo … [Read more...]