5 Places to Visit in Gruene

Gruene is a beautiful area located next to New Braunfels. Here are 5 Places to Visit in Gruene.

Five years ago we moved from the Dallas area to the Hill Country, just outside of San Antonio, and we’ve never looked back. We have enjoyed every minute of our time as a family exploring the beautiful sites and everything that comes with this part of the world. Not many people know about the amazing cities around San Antonio such New Braunfels, Boerne, Fredericksburg, Gruene, and Bandera. I love all of these cities because each one has amazing things about it. Since Gruene is one of my favorite places to visit, I’d love to share with you 5 Places to Visit in Gruene.

Gruene is located in New Braunfels Texas. It is an amazing place. Here are 5 Places to Visit in Gruene

During the summer months, most people go to Gruene to float the Guadalupe River. It gets extremely hot in Texas, so floating the river is a perfect way for families to cool off. For those that want to take a break from floating the river, I compiled a list of 5 Places to Visit in Gruene. There are more than 5 amazing places to visit in Gruene but these are the places I make sure to always visit and bring my out of town guests to.

  • Bed and Breakfast- Gruene has a few bed and breakfasts and I’ve only seen them from the outside but they are beautiful and historic. Even though I’ve never stayed at one of the bed and breakfasts, I included it on my list because I think that it would be perfect if you have anyone that is visiting from out of town or if you want to get away. My goal for this year is to stay at the Gruene Mansion Inn located on Gruene Rd. There is something about this particular bed and breakfast that makes my heart stop. It’s so beautiful.

Gruene Mansion Inn Located in Gruene Texas

  • The Gristmill River Restaurant– Gruene has a lot of really good places to eat but Gristmill River Restaurant is by far the best place to eat. The ambiance is incredibly serene. Even if it is hot outside, the outside seating is covered by huge trees that provide a lot of shade. In addition to the breathtaking surroundings, the staff and the food is amazing. I’ve eaten at the Gristmill two times and each time, the food was perfect.

Gristmill River Grill

  • Hunter Junction– This is a little shop on the shopping strip in Gruene. The store is great but what is even better is Charlie Chaplin. Every time we go to Gruene we make sure to stop by Hunter Junction and spend some time with Charlie. He is the sweetest cat that has made this his home.

Charlie Chaplin

  • Gruene Hall- This is a great place to stop to get a cold beer, use the restroom, relax, and listen to some live music.

Gruene Hall

  • Gruene Coffee Haus- I love the Gruene Coffee Haus. It is my favorite place to go after we’ve reached the end of our destination. They have an amazing selection of drinks that will cool you off during the summer and the best hot drinks to warm your bones in the winter. The staff is helpful if you can’t decide on the perfect drink and there is a restroom in the back. Next door to the Gruene Coffee Haus is Fickle Pickles. They have free samples and after you sample the amazing pickles, I promise you will go home with a jar.

Gruene Coffee Haus

If you are visiting San Antonio or if you live in or near San Antonio, I encourage you to visit Gruene. It is beautiful and there is something for everyone. Have you visited Gruene? What was your favorite part of Gruene?


  1. Are there RV parking close to Gruene ?

  2. I love gruene, it’s so fun! perfect stop after tubing; )
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