10 Amazing Disney Crafts

If you don't already know, I love all things Disney. I love the parks, the movies, the characters, the food and anything and everything else that is Disney. Since summer is coming up and a lot of families will be traveling to Disney and kids will be home and will need something to do, I rounded up 10 Amazing Disney Crafts. These Disney crafts are perfect to prepare for your upcoming Disney vacation, around the home decorations or fun crafts for your kids to make while they are needing something … [Read more...]

Mothers Day Flower Pot

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, to make your shopping easier With Mother's Day right around the corner, I decided to gather up my daycare kids and have them make their moms a special gift. Since they loved to paint, create and play in the dirt I knew the perfect gift would be for them to make a Mother's Day Flower Pot. This is a simple and fun craft that is perfect for kids to create and is guaranteed to put a smile on their mom's faces.   To create the Mother's Day … [Read more...]

How to Make a Bird Feeder

I love toilet paper rolls! There are probably one million ways you can reuse empty toilet papers rolls. For example, you can make a rocket ship like this one or you can make a bunny. Since Earth Day is approaching, I decided to use my empty toilet paper rolls to teach my kids how to make a bird feeder. A homemade bird feeder is a simple and fun craft that is perfect for kids of all ages to make and it is a great way to open up a discussion on how we can all help the Earth. To make a home … [Read more...]

Simple DIY Earrings for Girls

Hey, beautiful people! I’m Chene and I blog over at Prototype Mama. I am really excited to share one of my favorite and simple DIYs with all of you today. I hope you enjoy! I remember the days when my dad would get on to me for not wearing earrings. I was a big tomboy and hated anything and everything girly, that included earrings. I didn't know what the big deal was back then but now that I have a little girl, I can see what my dad was talking about. My daughter isn’t a tomboy, but … [Read more...]