DIY Rainbow Friendship Shirt

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During the day, I take care of kids andI love to get crafty with them. Some of my favorite crafts to do with them are ones that become forever keepsakes. From handprints to footprints there are so many fun crafts that can be made with little ones. These type of crafts never get tiresome and there is so much you can do. Since St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner I decided to help my kids create a DIY Rainbow Friendship Shirt.

DIY Rainbow Friendship Shirt

You only need a few supplies to create this Rainbow Friendship Shirt. They include acrylic paint in a variety of colors, paintbrushes, fabric marker, white t-shirts, paper towels, wipes, and handprints.

Handprint Steps

The first step to creating your shirt is to prepare a clean surface, spread out the white shirt, and place a paper towel inside the shirt so the paint does not bleed through the shirt. You will then have each child leave a handprint on the shirt. I let each child pick a different color. After the handprints have dried, you will then use a fabric marker and draw your pot of gold and paint it black. I used a sparkle black paint to add some glittery fun and then I painted the inside of the pot gold. After the entire shirt was dry, I used a black fabric marker and wrote each child’s name onto their handprints and then I wrote ‘Friends Are Like Gold’ above the pot of gold.

Pot Instructions

I am in love with how these shirts turned out. Not only because of the bright colors but also the message that the shirts send. This shirt is fun to make but it’s also a great way to start a conversation with our kids about valuing friendship and treating our friends like gold.

DIY Rainbow Shirts

How do you teach your kids to value their friendships? If you are interested in more fun DIY and Crafts, take a look here.


  1. What a fun activity and shirt to wear.

  2. Such a cute idea! My girls love “handmade” shirts….looks fun and easy!

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