Good Deeds Your Kids Will Cherish During the Holidays

During the holiday season, it is important to teach your kids the spirit of giving back

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I love the holidays for so many reasons. I love hearing my kid’s giggles as they are searching for the Elf, I love my daughter secretly but loudly whispering to me what she wants to get her Daddy for Christmas and I love seeing the love that is filled in most of the hearts of people. When I was younger, I always saw my mom give to others and contribute what she could throughout the entire year. Seeing my mom’s acts of kindness, made me the person I am today. As a mom of 3 little girls, it is important for me to show them the act of giving, especially during the holiday season. Here are a few Good Deeds Your Kids Will Cherish During the Holidays.

Encourage and teach your kids to do good deeds throughout the holidays and throughout the year.

 Your kids are never too young to be taught how to give back and it’s important that you show them how they can. Giving back and doing good deeds for others is such an amazing feeling. Here is a list of Good Deeds that your kids can do for others during the holidays and that they will cherish for a lifetime:

  • Bake– Get in the kitchen and bake some sweet treats for your neighbors, the bus driver, your teachers, community workers, and whoever else you can think of. Sweet treats tend to put a smile on people’s faces.
  • Food Drive– Grab your wagon and go door to door in your  neighborhood and collect cans for your local food bank. You would be amazed at how many cans you will collect and how happy your neighbors will be to donate.
  • Babysit– If your child is old enough to babysit they can offer to babysit for a few hours, at no cost, for a family so that family can Christmas shop in peace.
  • Volunteer– Contact your local nursing home and find out when you and your kids and your kid’s friends can visit the residents. One year, a group of girls and I purchased socks and stockings and filled them with nail polish, playing cards and whatever else the nursing home office recommends.
  • Angel Tree– Adopt 1-2 angels from an angel tree.
  • Cook– Help mom and dad prepare a couple of meals for the week for a single mom or single dad.
  • Toy Drive– Collect new and unused toys for kids of all ages and batteries. Donate to local children’s hospitals or to a community toy drive.

The holidays are the best time of year. If you are a parent, it’s the perfect time to teach your kids the importance of doing good deeds for others. Not only does it give them a good feeling but it also teaches them kindness. How do you teach your kids to cherish the holidays with good deeds?

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  1. Our elf, Isabella, makes her presence on Thanksgiving Day! I’m thinking she needs a makeover with that dazzling dress you show above. Thank you for your post and for sharing your good deeds list!

    • says:

      You are welcome! Yes, our Elf, Snowflake Princess, also shows up at that time. She may be sporting a cool princess dress !

  2. Love this! We all need to keep these things in mind. There’s always something we can do to help make someone else’s Christmas amazing. We’ll be giving Christmas gifts to the kids at Church on Christmas morning. SO excited!!

  3. Yes! It is so important to teach kids to give early-on!

  4. I love seeing people teach kids to give. What a great post, thank you!

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