10 Effects of Being a Stay at Home Mom

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After the birth of my second child, my husband and I decided that it would be more cost effective if I left my corporate world job and stayed home with my girls until they were school age and more independent. As nervous as I was to leave a job I had been with since I was 19 years old, I was really excited that as a family we were able to afford for me to be a stay at home mom.

When you become a stay at home, things change and not always for the best..

My first day of being a stay at home mom was the most relaxing day of my life. I woke up refreshed, with a smile on my face and ready to take on my kids and house. Little did I know this would be short lived.

Here are 10 Effects of Being a Stay at Home Mom:

  1. You stop caring about your appearance; makeup and pretty clothes are replaced with leggings, t-shirts, and a stained jacket.
  2. If you actually take the time to dress up and leave your house, you most likely will be unrecognizable by others.
  3. You will find yourself randomly singing songs from popular cartoons such as the catchy tunes from the Bubble Guppies.
  4. No one, not even you, realizes just how long your hair is because it’s always pulled up in a ‘mom’ bun.
  5. Your name quickly changes and becomes your kid’s name plus mom. For example, my name became ‘Bella’s mom’, ‘Gia’s mom’, and ‘Lexi’s mom’.
  6. Everyone suddenly becomes helpless and extremely needy in your household.
  7. At times you feel worthless. You see business moms making money and contributing to the household financially and you start to feel like crap.
  8. You yearn for adult conversation, but then soon realize you forgot how to have an adult conversation.
  9. You stop cleaning your house and begin to only straighten it. When your husband offers to hire a cleaning lady you take it as an insult. When in reality you should accept his offer and thank him.
  10. Since you are home all day you become scared of the outside world because you begin to obsess over the news that is constantly on at your house.

Even though being a stay at home mom caused me to become sloppy with how I dressed and a bit paranoid of the outside world, I would sacrifice my career in the corporate world again. I loved having had the opportunity to see my girls reach certain milestones that I may have missed if they were in a daycare.

Are you a stay at home mom? What effects can you add?

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When you leave your job to become a Stay at Home Mom, your entire world changes. Here are some effects being a stay at home mom may have on you.

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