10 Signs He Might Be The One

Signs He Might Be the One For You

A few years ago I posted 10 Signs He is Not the One and I got a pretty good response. After a reader read this post she asked me to create a post telling all the single ladies how to know if he is the one. I loved her request because it is important to know how to tell if the man you are with is worth giving your heart to, so I decided to provide you with my 10 Signs He Might Be the One.

10 Signs He Might be The One

When you are with the one you love you probably get butterflies and all you can think about is him,  however, sometimes those butterflies and thoughts are what we call infatuation. An infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. It is a great feeling but can really play tricks on your mind, so with that said, I want to share with you 10 signs that he may be the one.

  1. Does he automatically, without even giving it a second thought, give his seat up to a woman or child when every seat has been taken?
  2. When you realized that you ordered the wrong dish at a restaurant and he ordered the right dish, does he let you, without sighing, nibble off his plate?
  3. When you go out and do not want to take your purse, will he discreetly carry a pad or tampon in his pocket for you?
  4. Does he surprise you with your favorite drink or snack when you didn’t even ask for it?
  5. When you are your ugliest does he look at you like you are the most beautiful girl ever?
  6. During the coldest nights, he lets you turn the ceiling fan on so that you can sleep better.
  7. Does he surprise you by randomly filling up your gas tank?
  8. Does he have a life plan? Does he have a financial goal? Does he openly talk to you about this and does he include you in it?
  9. Does he let you be you? When you have an opinion that might differ from his, does he respect it?
  10. Can you sit at home together, do nothing, watch movies, tell stories and giggle and laugh the night away?

It can be hard and at times nearly impossible to find the right man. At times, we can be blinded by sweet talk and presents, so it’s important to know the signs of true love.  After being married for over 18 years I am thankful that my husband shows all 10 signs that he is the right one.

Can you add to the list? What signs did your man show you that let you know he was the one?


  1. These are interesting – we never lived together before marriage, so a lot of them would be impossible to know. I’d never change that though. He is amazing, but only fit about six of those before we got married.

    For us there were some very important things you didn’t mention. One was our spiritual goals and thoughts on how to raise a family, as well as the importance of extended family and getting along with them.

    By the way – about the only thing we ever disagree on is fans! We agree to disagree.

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