42 Days Clean and I Cracked

February 15th of 2014 marked my 42nd day of being ‘clean’. Clean of that ‘must have’ feeling, clean of the 40 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving, free of weight gain, and free of wasting my money on the ‘poison’.  42 days is an all time record for me, but what can I say, I cracked! 

I was having such a horrid day. I was suffering from a 3 day sinus headache, credit card numbers for orders were not going through, I messed up an order, my house got dirty overnight after I spent all day Saturday cleaning it, my kid’s were driving me insane in the membrane, and I was so sleepy from having taken a ‘headache’ pill that kept me up all night from its itchy side effects. 

I had to do it, I had to grab that bottle of high sugary poison drink and take a shot. The crazy thing is that the first drink was not even good but it called me back to it. It actually called my name! I went back and poured me a second and third and a fourth shot. (As I am typing this I may go take another shot before bed) The taste got better; it had a little kick to it. WOW, I was feeling good, I was happy, my kids were not so bad and my house didn’t seem so messy. Life was freaking awesome! 

Sigh, I know I can’t go back. I can’t go back to the poison. The weight gain will destroy me and make me a grumpier mama bear than I already am. Tomorrow is a new day. So help me God, I will do this. 

What is your addiction?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. You’ve got this!! Don’t give up 🙂 I feel the same way about coffee from Starbucks! It’s not even a quality grade of coffee but I am so used to having it that I have to make myself only get 1 a month this year. It has been really hard thus far.


  2. Oh no but you did make it a long time. Sweet Tea and prepackaged Grits are two of my biggest vices.

  3. Mine is sweet tea. It tastes so good but before I know it I am retaining water and feel like a bloated snail.

  4. 42 days is an awesome accomplishment!! Cut yourself some slack. 1 day at a time. You’ve got this!! =-)

  5. Sodas are by far my hardest temptation to give up. But *thankfully*, it’s been a year and 3 months and I haven’t looked back. I literally cannot have them in the house. Even to this day, I knew if I have just one, it will all go back to the way it was before. I know in my head that’s not the truth, but I sometimes feels that way.
    Just chalk this one up to stress then move on. It happens!

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