5 Amazing Fall Activities Around San Antonio, Texas

I love fall! I love the events and activities that fall brings and I love how these events and activities bring families together. Living right outside of San Antonio, Texas, there are so many family fun options that are in and around the big city. I’ve only lived here for around 4 years so finding new places is always fun and I know my kids love going to different activities around town. To help anyone that lives in or around San Antonio or plans to visit, I have compiled 5 amazing fall activities around San Antonio, Texas.

5 Amazing Fall Activities Around San Antonio

The city of San Antonio and the cities around San Antonio are full of different cultures. I think that is what makes this great area amazing! The variety of cultures bring so many unique fall activities.

Oktoberfest: There are so many German towns around San Antonio so it is only fit that Oktoberfest would be on my list of amazing fall activities. There are a few Oktoberfest festivals in and around San Antonio, which is great because it gives everyone an opportunity to go.

El Dia de los Muertos: Also known as ‘the Day of the Dead’, this is a Mexican culture tradition where families welcome back departed loved ones, sharing the joys of life with them as their memories live on. Celebrations include traditional art, culture, live music and fun! Read more here.

Bud Light Halloween Fest: When you want to find a fun activity during any season, go to the River Walk. The River Walk always has so many fun activities for all ages. The Bud Light Halloween Fest is FREE and it includes an amazing costume contest, music and a River Parade.

Love Creek Orchards Pumpkin Patch: Located in Medina, Texas, this pumpkin patch is perfect for families. There are so many great picture spots and a ton of activities for kids. In addition, they have an Apple Store that you will not want to miss. I recommend their Cinnamon Apple Jelly, it is amazing.

Haunted Houses in San Antonio: In case you didn’t know, San Antonio is known for having quite a bit of ghost sightings and haunted spots. I’ve, personally, not dared to visit these spots but I know people that have. Throughout San Antonio, there are a lot of haunted houses. I believe that since San Antonio has so many ghost sightings that the haunted houses in San Antonio are probably the scariest.

Are you planning on visiting San Antonio this fall? Do you have anything you can add to the list?


  1. Looks like a good reason to road trip to me!

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