5 Important Things to Teach Your New Driver

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Important Things Every Parent Should Teach Your New Driver

For most parents and civilians the words ‘New Driver’ sounds really scary. As a mom of 6 kids, I have already survived the stress of raising 3 kids through their early years of driving, but I still have 3 more kids to go. I am thankful for the lessons that I learned from my first three kids because I know it will guide me as I’m teaching my girls when they are older. After my first experience with my older kids driving and talking to other parents, I came up with 5 Important Things to Teach Your New Driver.

5 Things to Teach Your New Driver

I am sure that there are more than 5, like maybe 50 important things to teach your new driver, but I decided to share my top 5.

  • How to Change a Tire– Even though there are auto clubs, it is important for new drivers to know how to change a tire. You should teach your new driver safety tips and steps on how to change a tire.
  • Do Not Text and Talk While Driving– This one is obvious but is still important to instill in your kids. You can encourage or teach your kids to keep their phones out of reach or even put them on silent so that they do not become distracted. Another important thing to remember is that kids will learn from you, so make sure that you practice what you preach.
  • What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down– When your car breaks down, especially while you are driving on the highway, it can be scary, so it is important to teach your new driver what to do. Make sure to remind them to never cross a highway and to call the police if they feel that they are in immediate danger because of the location that their car broke down at.
  • Use Common Sense– When a young driver gets their license it is an exciting moment and they immediately want to tell their friends and give everyone a ride, but before you let them get behind the wheel, it is important to talk to them about avoiding peer pressure, obeying the law, and using common sense. Driving a car can be fun but it can also be dangerous for them and others.
  • How to Change Your Oil– Even though there are places that you can take your car to have your oil changed, it is important for young drivers to know how to change the oil themselves. As adults, they may be in a situation where they cannot afford to have someone change their oil so it is important for them to be able to independently do it themselves.

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There is a lot to teach a new driver and it’s not always easy, especially since they are often times too excited to listen, so it’s important to continue to talk to them. In addition, it’s important that you remind them of the rules when they get behind the wheel.

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Do you have any tips that I can add to my list for new drivers? Have you ever considered saving time by ordering your Pennzoil oil from Walmart.com?


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