5 Tips on Getting Your Child to Sleep

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Getting your little one to sleep can be tough. Here are some tips on how to get your little one to sleep at night.

I have 3 little girls and as much as I love them and love to hear their little giggles, I look forward to their bedtime. Their bedtime is my ‘Me Time’ and we all need our ‘Me Time’. Over the years, I have learned that no two kids are alike and they each test mom and dad differently, especially at bedtime. Thankfully, I have learned different methods of getting my kids to sleep. At first, it wasn’t easy, but with determination and consistency, I did it and we all survived. If you are struggling to get your little ones to sleep, here are 5 tips on getting your child to sleep.


Before I share with you sleep training tips for your child, it’s important that before you begin, you dedicate yourself to taking this seriously. If you want to successfully sleep train your little one, you have to remain dedicated and consistent. You cannot bend or give in “just one time”. Here are some tips that helped me to sleep train my girls:

  1. Electronics: Sadly there are a lot of kids that are addicted to electronics at a young age. Some parents use Ipads and tablets to distract their kids, which is okay, but not okay before bed. Take away the electronics at least an hour before bedtime. If your child throws a tantrum, then consider not allowing your little one have electronics after dinner. Kids need time to turn their brain off before they go to sleep. 
  2. Routine: Whether kids admit it or not, they like routines. It’s important to try your best to stick with a daily routine so that your child’s mind and body knows what to expect and can mentally adjust to the evening routine. 
  3. Eat: Make sure that your child eats enough at dinner. If they don’t, try and feed them a snack at least an hour before bed. When a child goes to bed hungry because they refused to eat, they will not be able to sleep and will most likely get out of bed to let you know. 
  4. Sleep in Their Own Bed: This tip is very important, so pay close attention. When it is time for your little one to go to sleep, have them go to their own bed. Do not allow them to fall asleep on the couch, on the floor, and definitely not in your bed. It is very important that they know that their bed is where they go to get ready for sleep. Do not make it okay for them to fall asleep anywhere but their bed. They need to know and understand that their bed is where they can fall asleep without being disturbed. Also, makes sure that their bed is comfortable with enough stuffed animals for them to snuggle. 
  5. Sleep Independently: When I hear parents tell me that they lay in their child’s bed until their child falls asleep, it pains me. I know that parents have their reasons for doing this but it does not always help the child. In addition, often times when the parent “sneaks out” after they think their child is in a deep sleep, their child wakes up. You need to teach your little one that sleeping in their bed without mom or dad is healthy and normal.

Bonus: Sometimes kids need a nightlight or a cuddly friend to help them fall asleep. The Noodley has a super soft LED Light Up Rainbow Teddy Bear with a timer that you can find —–> here. The timer is 10 minutes and is perfect to help calm little ones as they fall asleep. 

Kids are smart and can be very tricky. They also know how to pull mom and dad’s heartstrings, but it is important to remain strong and be consistent. The first time that you give in or allow them to fall asleep in your bed, you will have to start the sleep training process all over again. Every child is different and different methods work for different kids. It’s not always easy but with determination and strength, you can do it!

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