5 Ways I Use WaterWipes Every Day

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I’ve watched kids in my home for over 8 years and have learned a lot. Not only have I learned that no two kids are the same and each one develops differently, I’ve learned that kid’s skin needs to be protected. The kids in my home get messy, like super sticky messy, so we are always washing our hands and face. I noticed that after a while my kid’s hands would get rough because we washed them so many times during the day. I knew that this was not good so I knew that I had to find a solution. Luckily, I had a daycare mom introduce me to WaterWipes. They are an all natural baby wipe that includes only 2 ingredients, water and citrus grandis. They are chemical free and safe for little ones. After I used WaterWipes for the first time I knew that I had found the solution that I was looking for. I’d love to share with you 5 Ways I Use WaterWipes Every Day.


My daycare kids are super active, therefore they are constantly getting dirty. Before the work week starts, I make sure to stop by Walgreens and stock up on a few bags of WaterWipes. There are so many different wipes to choose from but I always choose WaterWipes because they do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.


WaterWipes is perfect for all ages. I use them myself and I love how they feel on my skin, so I know that my little ones love how they feel on their skin. Here are 5 Ways I Use WaterWipes Every Day in my home daycare:

  • Dirty Noses– We have a lot of dirty noses in our daycare. Whether it’s from allergies, from cold and flu season, or because someone is just not happy, WaterWipes is perfect for cleaning little noses.
  • Baby Bottoms– There are so many baby wipes that contain harsh chemicals. WaterWipes are chemical free and contain 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. Baby bottoms can easily become sensitive so it’s important to use a wipe that is not harsh and is chemical free.
  • Outside Play– I love taking these with me when we play outside. I have kids that love getting dirty but I always have kids that panic when a little dirt smudge gets on their hands and insist on having their hands cleaned immediately.
  • Arts & Crafts– We do a lot of arts & crafts throughout the week. My kids will get dirty with glue and markers, so I make sure to have WaterWipes close by so that they don’t wipe their hands on their shirt or my furniture.
  • Breakfast, Snack & Lunch Time– From pancake syrup to messy ketchup, kids can get messy. Sometimes a regular napkin does not do the job of cleaning up a child’s hands like WaterWipes can.



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Have you used WaterWipes? How do you use them in your home?


  1. I haven’t used water wipes, but they sound like a great product and I will have to check them out!

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