7 Fabulous DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

This year I told my girls that we had a very small budget for Halloween costumes. Needless to say, I think I crushed their current dreams but after accepting my words they began to research how to create some amazing DIY Halloween costumes. I cannot wait to see what ideas they come up with so I can share them but for now, I want to share with you 7 Fabulous DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids that I have compiled from some amazing moms and myself.

I am always impressed with some of the creative DIY Halloween costumes that parents come up with for their kids. When I create a DIY Halloween costume, my ultimate goal is to create a costume that is cute but also one that is affordable.  Take a look at these 7 Fabulous DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids:

5 Minute S’mores Baby Costume– This fun costume is not only cute but amazingly affordable. Looking at the few supplies that this costume uses, from my calculations, you may only spend $10 or less to create this costume.

Cindy Lou Who Costume– This is a fun costume but seems to have a less make it yourself feel but more having to find specific pieces of the costumes that you have to buy. Take a look at it and see what you think.

Wizard of Oz Tin Man– I originally made this costume for my daughter’s Storybook Character Day that was being celebrated at her school. If you do not have any of the supplies in your home, it may cost around $20 to make this Tin Man costume. If you are making a Tin Man costume for a boy then simply remove the tutu and that should work perfectly.

This DIY Tin Man for Girls costume is perfect, adorable and easy to make.

Princess Anna– Frozen was always popular in our house. My girls not only loved the music but they loved each character. Here is an Anna DIY costume that is beautiful but does require some crafting skills.

Princess Elsa– You cannot have an Anna tutorial without an Elsa DIY costume.

Flapper Girl– This is a great DIY Halloween costume for an older child such as a tween. It is simple and uses only a few crafting skills.

Cookie Monster– This is a costume that will make any child happy. It’s fun and everyone loves the Cookie Monster. It is also very easy and affordable to make.

  • BONUS!! Frankenstein– I think I am in love with this costume because it could be for a boy or a girl and it’s incredibly easy and affordable to make!

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I love DIY Halloween costumes especially when I am on a budget. Here are a few very cute and simple DIY Halloween costumes you can make for your little one.

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