Pre Sweet Tagatose by NuNaturals- A House of Fauci Review

I recently entered a contest held by Dawn from Spatula's On Parade for a variety of NuNaturals products. When I received the email that I won I was super excited. Not only do I love to win, but I love to win products that are on the healthy side of life. After opening the 11 pound box that was sent to me I was in shock at how much NuNaturals sent me; I am still amazed today and quite thankful. My goal is to use, share with my friends, and review these products and share my review on my … [Read more...]

Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery

Each time my family visits San Antonio's Historic Market Square I always make sure to stop at Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery. I absolutely adore Mi Tierra for two reason; their ambiance and their bakery. Mi Tierra is decorated Christmas year round. When you walk in you will see brightly colored decorations hanging from the ceiling and Christmas lights strung all over. It is beautiful and fun!  When you walk through the doors of Mi Tierra you automatically notice a crowd of people … [Read more...]

Macy’s Review- I Love All Things Macy’s, Especially the Kid Clothes

My go to store for shopping for my family is Macy's. I love all things Macy's, especially the children's department. Often times I skip through my department, due to feeling too chubs to try on clothing, and head directly to the kid's department. As I walk into the kid's clothing department I see all of these beautiful signs above the clothing racks, gorgeous signs with numbers and a huge % signs on them.On this day, the beautiful signs were everywhere. Signs that read from 40% to 75% off of … [Read more...]

Smokey Mo’s BBQ – A House of Fauci Food Review

The Fauci household has a love for Texas BBQ and we are always on the lookout for the best place to eat it. When we moved to a small town outside of the great city of San Antonio we were super excited to find a small corner BBQ place called Smokey Mo's BBQ.Since we moved to this town, we have eaten at Smokey Mo's at least 4 times and each time has been fantastic. I do have to say, however, that you will get great service, but not the fastest service. I am not the most patient person in the world … [Read more...]