Turkey Nachos At Their Finest

When I am on a temporary health kick I love to incorporate certain foods into my diet. These foods include turkey, spinach, and colorful peppers. Here is my version of the best turkey nachos ever!Black Beans- If you use canned beans always rinse off the gunk before heating them up or adding them to your mix. Peppers: Chop up your favorite peppers and onions.. I love them ALL and COLOR is healthy.Turkey: Chop up your turkey in bite size pieces.Add some oil or butter to a pan. Add the beans, … [Read more...]

Ashley Wins the First Day of School

Last week I interviewed Angela Irick, author of 'Ashley Wins the First Day of School'. If you missed this awesome post you can read the interview in my previous post. I purchased 'Ashley Wins the First Day of School' and donated it to my daughter's first grade class after my daughter told me that they had Kirsten Passmore, Little Miss Wheelchair of Texas 2013, visit to discuss her life with Cerebral Palsy. 'Ashley Wins the First Day of School' is about a little girl that starts school and … [Read more...]

Richter’s Antler Cafe

If you are in need of some down home country cooking then you need to visit Richter's Antler Cafe. This is a small town country cafe that seats a lot of neighboring folks from all around Spring Branch, Bulverde, Blanco and San Antonio, Texas. The cafe is decorated with 'trophies' along the walls and lots and lots of antlers!  As you wait for your name to be called to be seated or while you wait for your food, there is an awesome playground in the back to keep the kids entertained. … [Read more...]

The Importance of the Golden Rule

Growing up I not only learned from my mom and from the school I attended that you should live by the Golden Rule... 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. This rule has stuck with me my entire life and I do my best to instill this into my kids, especially when they tell me a story from school about an incident with a classmate. I try and help them to understand that even though a classmate may not be nice or may have stolen from them, you should try to treat them with kindness … [Read more...]