My New Breakfast Addiction

For 3 weeks I have been on a health kick to try and lose my flabbidy flab. Since that time I feel like I am obsessed with food and get really excited about meal time; I suppose this is because I have made myself stop snacking throughout the entire day.While I am on this health kick, forgive me for posting and talking about my food; hopefully my obsession will die down soon, but in the meantime....Introducing my new breakfast addiction:Toasted 'Healthy' Flat BreadLather some AWESOME Almond Butter … [Read more...]

I Bet You Can’t Top My Biggest Beauty Flaws

As humans most of us try our best to look young and glam; some more than others. So much money is spent on making yourself look beautiful. Some people go and get professional beauty makeovers, while others do it at home.I am the type of person that hates spending a lot of money and time at a beauty salon or spa to get re beautified, so I opt to buy the beauty product at the grocery store and do it myself at home, which has sometimes backfired on me. Read some of my biggest beauty flaws and let … [Read more...]

My Weekend Treat .. Panera Bread

For the past two weeks I have been eating like an AWESOME PERSON in hopes of losing some of my belly jelly. I've avoided going out to eat due to the option temptations that a beautifully colored menu provides. Since I've rocked for two weeks I decided it was time for me to test my will power and to give myself a little treat.My eating establishment of choice was Panera Bread. I love the freshness, quality, healthiness, and food options. Normally when I eat at Panera Bread I choose to eat the … [Read more...]

Movie Review of: A Killing in a Small Town

I love classic Lifetime and made for TV movies; I practically grew up on them. It's a shame that Lifetime rarely ever plays a classic and many of them cannot be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime. After my husband and I made a list of movies that we wish would air,  I decided to do a Youtube search and I was in luck!The first movie we selected to watch was A Killing in a Small Town that was filmed in 1990. This movie was based on a woman that was axed to death in a small town called … [Read more...]