Excuse Me, Sir, Can You Take Our Picture?

These are words that you never hear anymore. Is it because people are afraid that the person they ask to hold their camera will run off and steal it like on the movie 'National Lampoon's European Vacation'?Could people be anti social or maybe they are afraid they are inconveniencing someone? According to Wikipedia, the photographic self portraiture became widespread in the early 1900's. Of course it was more difficult back in those days, compared to today, because you had to work with … [Read more...]

Taste The Rainbow.. And I Don’t Mean Skittles

Back in the day I was watching The Montel Williams Show and he was speaking about his struggle with multiple sclerosis. This is where I first learned the importance of adding color to your foods. I was so amazed at what I had learned. Sadly, 'back in the days', I was really picky with my foods so there was not much color in my meals; however I have grown up since then.This is one of my favorite dishes to cook when I am in that 'health kick' kind of mood. It is not only full of color and fiber … [Read more...]

When It Comes to Exercising I Have ADD

Every now and then I will get tired of being angry when I have to put my jeans on and I get tired of remembering that my tubes are tied and it's not possible for me to be 4 months pregnant, so I will get on a health kick. We've all done it. We make New Year's Resolutions to start to exercise or we will join a gym so we can be as cool as our friends on Facebook or because there is an awesome app that everyone is using; example Couch to 5K.  I will admit that at first, I do really good, I … [Read more...]

Skin Color Envy

Yes, I know you are darker than me, you don't have to put your arm up against mine to prove it.Growing up I had 'skin color envy'. It was bad and I let it rule my life, mainly in my teenage years. If you know me, you know I am white. I don't necessarily mean 'white' as in Caucasian, I mean I am WHITE!I never realized how white I was until I was in middle school, just in time for my teenage hormonal years! I never flinched when a girl or a boy put their arm or their leg up against mine and said … [Read more...]