Baby Gifts Expectant Moms Actually Need

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Who doesn’t love to shop for the arrival of a new baby? I love strolling the aisles of Target and looking at all the cute baby clothes, bibs, and shoes; oh the baby shoes! Of course as I am shopping I take the time to see if mom to be has created a registry and I try to grab an item or two off of the list but I also like to pick up some special and fun items as well. It’s nice to surprise moms to be with cute and fun baby gifts but it is also nice to gift mom to be with items that she will actually need and use. Sometimes moms to be, especially first time moms, don’t realize the items that are a true necessity and will save them so much time and stress. After raising a lot of kids and caring for kids in my home throughout the years I have created an awesome list of baby gifts expectant moms actually need. Please feel free to pass this on to mommy and daddy to be’s.

Baby Gifts Expectant Moms Actually Need

  1. Batteries: With baby swings and baby chairs that play music and vibrate, batteries are a must. These items eat up and suck up the life of the batteries so fast that parents are constantly needing to replace them. A parent can never have too many batteries and are always thankful when they have extra and don’t have to make a CVS run.
  2. Swaddle Blankets: For the first few months most babies love to be swaddled up, so a good swaddle blanket is a must. A good swaddle blanket is big, stretchy and not cheap! I do not suggest the ‘Swaddle’ wraps, those have never worked for the kids I have cared for.
  3. Formula Dispenser: This gadget is a must for formula fed babies and it’s perfect for moms and dad on the go.
  4. Diapers: Parents can never have too many diapers. When I have my kids I loved getting diapers because I knew that this gift would save me so much money and headache of having to run to the store each week. When I buy diapers for moms to be, I like to buy them Stages 1-3.
  5. Baby Wipes: I think that one baby will go through approximately 1 million wipes in their baby lifetime, so with that said, a mom cannot receive too many wipes. If you purchase baby wipes for a new mom, my biggest advice is to buy thick ones. The thick ones are a better quality and you will use less per diaper explosion.
  6. Onesies: The first few months babies wear nothing but onesies. Sometimes babies can go through at least 5 onesies in a day, especially if they spit up or have re flux. It is nice to have a good number of onesies on hand so you the parents do not have to do constant laundry.
  7. Laundry Soap & Spot Cleaner: Now some of you might be looking at me side-eyed but when you have kids, especially new babies, you need spot cleaner for their clothing, In addition, new babies have to or should have their laundry washed in Dreft. These are two items that can be pricey and they are also two items that will not go to waste.
  8. Gift Cards: Raising babies is expensive and often times mom have to take off of work until they recover. A perfect gift for an expectant mom is gift cards to their local grocery store so they can purchase the everyday baby essentials.
  9. Digital Thermometer: Unless you are using a bottom thermometer for your baby, a digital thermometer is a must. It is not fun or easy to take a baby’s temperature under their armpit.
  10. Your Time: New moms need a break from so much. After you have a baby you are so exhausted from life. Another perfect and must have gift for a new mom is time! There are so many ways you can gift your time to a new mom. Some are by offering to take their kids (if they have any) to a movie or out to eat for a few hours, make them a few meals, offer to clean their home and watch the new baby while they take a nap or take a shower. Any time that you offer them will most definitely be appreciated. Here is a great post that shares how you can give new moms some Me Time. 

With this list of baby gifts, expectant moms actually need, you can get really cute and creative with gifting them. One idea is to create a basket that might include a cute basket with a variety of fun items but also of items that are needed or you could create a coupon book that includes how you are willing to gift your time. No matter how many kids you have and how much experience you have, it can be stressful and exhausting when you are a new mom so giving the right baby gift to alleviate stress and making life a little bit easier is a gift in itself.



  1. This is the perfect list. I think I was over prepared with most of this stuff when I had my oldest. I still keep my digital thermometer in my purse out of habit 🙂

  2. You can never have enough diapers! Gift cards are great too because you’re right- parents are always needing to buy something! You have a great list here

  3. I love getting diapers for shower gifts. I used to get size 1 or newborn, but now I usually give size 2. Some babies are so big they’re not wearing size 1 for long, and grow out of them before the parents’ stash is used up!

  4. I agree with all these! I wrote a post similar a few weeks ago. I included lotion for the hands you always seem to be washing 🙂 Now that I’ve had two babies, I’m all about giving what is practical 🙂

  5. I love baby showers. It is always so much fun to see all the cute outfits. I like to give a gift card so the parents can get what they need.

  6. I love giving practical gifts that are always lift off the registries. No one ever considers what happens after the first few months or year and I remember getting some really helpful things from moms that knew what I was in for.

  7. Great ideas! I’m going to share this with my sister who just found out she’s pregnant.

  8. I think dinners and the gift of time would be the perfect gift for new moms. Those and a nap.

  9. Great list of items – and my favorite would be Mom Time – I remember feeling all alone, even though my son’s dad was there, he really didn’t have a clue – so another mom around would have been so very nice for support

  10. These are great gift suggestions. I’ve found the best gifts are the practical ones!

  11. These are great gift ideas. I like to give gift cards so the new parents can get what they need.

  12. Debbie Denny says

    Very good ideas. I think gift cards are a great idea also.

  13. Don’t forget the gift cards! There’s always something the prego brain forgets on the registry 🙂

  14. When our friends have baby showers, the guys get together for a diaper party. All them moms so far have ended up with at least 6 months worth of diapers. Those doing cloth diapers end up with a drawer full. My good friend went cloth and she got so many covers and inserts for the type she had, she never had to buy a diaper. Now she had a toddler and has to upgrade a few that were not adjustable sizes and purchase some extra inserts. But it’s been a real cost saver for her.

  15. These are amazing tips. Gift cards are also an amazing gift. I love getting them so that I can choose what I need.

  16. When I was a new mom, I really appreciated getting diapers. I also like giving gift cards so the person can pick out what they want.

  17. Everyone wants to pick out tiny little baby clothes, but it’s so nice to be able to pick things you love for yourself. I love the inclusion of gift cards on your list.

  18. These are some great ideas! Practical is always appreciated. The fancy little baby outfits are cute, but really can’t be used much, especially if they are in a newborn size!

  19. These are great! For me, a must was breast pads! I ran through those bad boys in a few weeks! I think gift cards are really the best for all moms!

  20. It’s funny how much you think you need with the first baby, but by baby two or three, you realize that you just have so much STUFF around your place. This is a great list!

  21. That is a lovely list!! And an accurate list! And let’s hear it for the onesies!! I loved those things for so many reasons when the kids were little!

  22. My go-to gift is diapers. I’ve never really thought about how many batteries new moms go through!

  23. Great list! I am always surprised at the stuff new moms get at their showers that they really don’t need. She usually ends up leaving with a million outfits the kid will never get around to wearing, and even more lotion and baby wash than all the babies in the county could use in a year. I like to see them get practical gifts like diapers and wipes, and that thermometer is a great idea. I actually just gifted one to my niece at her baby shower last week.

  24. Great ideas! I like to wait until a week or two before my friends are due and take over a few freezer meals. To me that is one of the best gifts.

  25. Love this practical list! Swaddle blankets are a must. I also love the idea of giving a digital thermometer as a baby gift- so practical and useful for many years!

  26. So true, many times mom’s end up with so many clothes some don’t get worn. I think I had enough shampoo to last me all three babies LOL!

  27. a lifetime supply of diapers is always a welcome gift to pregnant ladies.

  28. heard. that. Those are the gifts “we” really want. Give me a gift card anyday, because my babies are bigger than normal and grow WAY faster than anyone thinks they do!

  29. My daughter is having her baby shower in 4 weeks and she already saw someone bought the thermometer. So we can check that off the list.

  30. This is a great list. Will pass this along to my friend who is expecting.

  31. This is awesome! Batteries, gift cards, and YOUR TIME are my favorites! Great list!

  32. This is a very comprehensive list of baby gifts for expectant moms! I like to buy the mobile for some reason! 🙂

  33. Lol. This is so true. I like to give a basket of practical gift all arranged cutely. They are more helpful and I know they will be used.

  34. I really love picking out onesies, they are so cute and we can never forget about those wipes; they are life savers!

  35. This is a great list. Baby wipes are a must as well as onesies

  36. This are great ideas. I would have LOVED to get diapers when I had my shower instead of 50 rubber ducks.

  37. I am awful at choosing gifts for expectant Mums so this a great list for me I wouldn’t have thought of most things on it. x

  38. A digital thermometer is a great gift idea for new or expectant moms. Its not something many people will think to give either.

  39. I specially like your last point where we can take a break and recharge. Great list to keep in mind

  40. These are great suggestions. It’s always better to give gifts that people can actually use!

  41. im all about practical baby gifts!

  42. This is so true and you don’t always think about these things when buying gifts. Laundry soap is a good one!

  43. As a mom of two, one a newborn, I agree this is a great list. Personally, we never got or needed a formula dispenser. We also just use free and clear detergent, any kind works well and saves a bit of cash.

  44. You are correct and this is a great list, but I always love to buy all of those adorable items in the baby stores! I can’t help myself.

  45. Batteries!? Man I wish I would have thought of that when I made my baby registry about 7 years ago lol! As a first time mom I got sucked into all the “cute” stuff and that is what I asked for, wish I would have a list like this to ask for haha. This is great for anyone expecting or looking to buy a gift for someone that is!

  46. These are all really good ideas! When you become a Mom you quickly learn what products you really need and use versus those silly, frivolous, and often ignored products!

  47. Stumbled and pinned. Great list!

  48. Can’t get enough of diaper and wipes!!! Batteries are good too!

  49. Baby wipes and diapers are my “go to” gift. I have never thought about batteries, but that is SUCH a good idea!

  50. Having a digital thermometer is a must. I remember the days when we had to use the old-fashioned kind.

  51. I would have never thought to give batteries, but it so necessary. I like to give diapers and wipes, because they are always needed.

  52. Yes yes yes! I totally agree with getting different size diapers. They are only in newborns for a little while.

  53. Diapers are a given! Great ideas – I love practical gifts.

  54. I get new moms breast feeding nipple shields (life savers) and a 6-pack of cloth diapers (on Amazon, they’re cheap now, lots of styles). I think even if you are not planning to cloth diaper, the are super handy to have around. I like your ideas too! You think out of the box a bit, very practical thoughts for gifts here.

    • What a wonderful gift idea! Nipple shields saved my breastfeeding relationship with my oldest, and it took me about a week to find them after she was born. We went on to nurse for almost 2 1/2 years. We also used a stack of cheap washcloths for wipes for each of our three. My mom gave me a few stacks of those, which was great.

  55. These are good choices.. butt cream, you can never have enough of that.. socks & hand mittens are always great too..

  56. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Those are all great ideas! I always get new moms diapers as a shower gift 🙂

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