Backpacks for the Not So Girly Girls

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A few weeks ago I published Send Your Boys Back to School in Style and Back to School in Style with Inside Out. My 10-year-old daughter helped me with some of the fashion choices that were made in these posts and when we were done she asked if we could write a post about backpacks for the not so girly girls. Knowing that she is not a ‘girly girl’, I thought it would be the perfect idea!

Not so Girly Girl Backpacks

Roxy Junior’s Shadow Swell Printed Backpack 

JanSport Cat Backpack

COMEHERE Galaxy Pattern

Pug Backpack


Emoji Backpack

JanSport High Stakes

Cartoon Style Graffiti 

I think my daughter did a great job helping me choose the not so girly girl backpacks that are perfect for girls that are not so much into the frills, lace, and glitter. Do you have a daughter who prefers glitter and sparkles, themed character backpacks or the not so girly girl backpacks? I have all 3!


  1. I can’t tell you how much I love these backpacks! Not every girl loves pink flowers and princesses and these are perfect for those who need other options. I love the cheeseburger jansport, so quirky and cool!

  2. That burger is hilarious. I saw a cupcake one that I feel like I needed even as an adult!

  3. I woud pick the Pug backpack – I always used to love the Lisa Frank bags and folders with colorful animals.

  4. A great idea. I have two daughters… both are not super girly and both need new backpacks for middle school. Will show them all of these and see what they think.

  5. Catherine S says

    These are all great backpacks. I would pick the SpongeBob backpack.

  6. Debbie Denny says

    Great backpacks. Perfect for the down to earth girl.

  7. Sponge Bob and the COMEHERE Galaxy pattern really caught my eye. They are the backpacks my girls would choose. Girly girl just doesn’t cut it in our household. Your daughter has a very good eye for color and convenience. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  8. My daughters don’t love girly girl things. These are great backpacks.

  9. These are all so cute! My boys picked bright colors for theirs.

  10. The backpacks are adorable. Isa would love them all – my favorite is the Pug!

  11. Oh wow these backpacks are totally cute! Both of my girls would love these for school!

  12. Thanks for sharing this amazing information, you are right some girls don’t want the girly book-bag. I personally love the dog with the glasses book-bag.

  13. Oh my, that pug one is absolutely adorable. Back packs sure are creative these days.

  14. This is awesome I love this. Great concept as well for the not so girly girl

  15. These backpacks are awesome. I love how they come in so many different styles for girls with different preferences in fashion.

  16. I don’t have any children but I do love the Pug backpack and a couple of others. I know many girls who are not or were not girly girls (including myself)-these would be perfect for them.

  17. I’d love to have the emoji backpack! This is a great list.

  18. The pug and the smileys are super cute. My not so girly twins will love these backpacks.

  19. I don’t have girls but I would have been one to not pick the girly girly back packs either.

  20. I love the pug one! How adorable. My girls are still into super girly packs. Can’t wait to go back to school shopping!

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