Blind Bags

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Blind bags are small bags that contain a surprise toy inside. Each blind bag has a themed character such as a Lego character, a Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, a Moshi Monster and many more. My girls first discovered Blind Bags a few years ago when I purchased them a Lalaloopsy blind bag. It was always such a mystery as to which one they would get and when they got the one they were hoping for excitement would fill the room.

Blind Bags


According to my kids, what is great about Blind Bags is the excitement that comes with them. When they pick up the package they try and guess what it is and most often when they open it, it’s not what they expected; that is where the excitement comes in. After the bags are opened and the initial excitement is over, the contents of the Blind Bags are fun to play with while using your imagination. Below are a few of the Blind Bags that my girls have enjoyed receiving over the  years and in the words of my girls, why they loved them so much.

Moshi Monsters: These blind bags are great because they come with not only a cute Moshi Monster, but with a code so that you can receive extra stuff at Moshi Monsters is a fun online game that lets you adopt Moshlings, little pets for your monster, and play games.

Littlest Pet Shop:The Littlest Pet Shop blind bags are great because they are Littlest Pet Shops. I know that might sound silly, but if your child loves and adores Littlest Pet Shops they will understand. These blind bags have a cute pet that you can add to your Littlest Pet Shop collection and play for hours on end.

My Little Pony: The My Little Pony blind bags have a lot of blind bag varieties. They have the squishy rubbery ones and they have the mini pony ones. My girls love these because you can also add these to your current My Little Pony collection. They use these as the baby ponies and have a lot of fun with them.

LegoMy 9 year old daughter is in love with the Lego blind bags because ever since she watched the Lego movie she is in love with Legos.

As I said above, Blind Bags are fun for kids. The fun and excitement that leads up to the opening of the package gets kids very giggly and something to talk about afterwards. Since these bags are little they are great for stocking stuffers, hiding on the tree Christmas morning or even a small present from the ‘Elf’.

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. My toddler is totally into My Little Pony. If these are great for toddlers I’ll totally look into it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so thankful my 7 year old daughter is in bed at the moment. Here’s why we buy her these blind bags infact I belive I should have shares in the company’s by now both my little pet shops pets and my little ponys. you would not belive how many she has and she dont even have them all yet. We are starting to be oven taken of her bedroom with ponys and petshop pet things. I have my amazon wish list you should see it is nuts she will add it to my list and watch my little pony reviews she even has asked me to upload her my little pony video’s on my youtube account and people are viewing her videos she grabs my cellphone and does pony videos lol It’s too stinking cute and some of them are funny. Bella’s even gotten so creative she’s learned how to do the videos in infared. lol How did you get to be part of this one . can you hear my excitement ? lol

    • says

      My girls video MLP and LPS videos also.. it’s crazy! Girl, I am an Amazon Affiliate… most anyone can be one. I choose what I want to market and receive a % of sales if anyone purchases from my link. Shoot me an message or your email and I will send you the link and answer any questions.. I just started.

  3. This is just a great idea! Love the different designs too.

  4. I used to love bags like this when I was a kid (in fact I’m still drawn to a good surprise these days 😉 ) x

  5. When I was a kid, I loved to buy the surprise bags at the dollar store! It was fun to see what was in them.

  6. I will have to look for they when I start my early Christmas shopping. They would be perfect stocking stuffers.

  7. oh these are so adorable! My little girl would love these, I am sure! Gotta check it out 🙂 Thanks for the intro.

  8. We just saw “The Simpsons” version yesterday at the store. It took all my willpower not to buy them all!

  9. These are pretty popular here in the U.S. but I kind of like being able to choose my pieces so I don’t get doubles; my kids on the other hand love these little blind bags. We are stocking up on them now for Christmas, we grab the Lego ones for our son and my daughter likes the Pet shop ones.

    • says

      My girls have gotten a few doubles but they make them twins or if they are feeling sweet, they will trade with each other.

  10. These look great! My kids would probably love these – all of them are things they like too! Very cool!

  11. These are such a cute idea. I love all of these characters and kids love them too. The idea of finding a secret surprise inside is so exciting.

  12. These are always fun. I usually put them in my son’s stocking or Easter basket.

  13. I love this idea!! Perfect for so many things!

  14. I will have to try the LEGO blind bags because my son has been begging for them. I have had a few bad experiences with these in the past because we would have missing items or just 1 of the 3 things promised but I know these are great for little rewards and not too costly.

  15. We love putting these in stockings. My girls love them!

  16. These are HUUUUUUGE here in Italy. They are at every grocery store and every news stand (on every corner)! I’m so interested to see if this takes on in America!

  17. We’ve tried a couple blind bags. It’s like Christmas since you aren’t sure what you are going to get. 😉

  18. Blind bags are our go to stocking & basket stuffers!

  19. What a great idea!!! I had never thought about using these as stocking stuffers!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. My niece would love this! There’s nothing better than a surprise bag for the kiddies! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. These would be great for a classroom treasure chest or for a small parting gift at a party. Very cute!

  22. My girls loves these blind bags! We usually go to a store called Five and Below and get them all the time as a reward.

  23. I don’t have kids, but I know a couple of little girls that would love the My Little Pony bags.

  24. Oh my kids of LOVE these! Such a fun idea!
    ~ Ashley

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