How to Make a Bird Feeder

I love toilet paper rolls! There are probably one million ways you can reuse empty toilet papers rolls. For example, you can make a rocket ship like this one or you can make a bunny. Since Earth Day is approaching, I decided to use my empty toilet paper rolls to teach my kids how to make a bird feeder. A homemade bird feeder is a simple and fun craft that is perfect for kids of all ages to make and it is a great way to open up a discussion on how we can all help the Earth. To make a home … [Read more...]

Simple DIY Earrings for Girls

Hey, beautiful people! I’m Chene and I blog over at Prototype Mama. I am really excited to share one of my favorite and simple DIYs with all of you today. I hope you enjoy! I remember the days when my dad would get on to me for not wearing earrings. I was a big tomboy and hated anything and everything girly, that included earrings. I didn't know what the big deal was back then but now that I have a little girl, I can see what my dad was talking about. My daughter isn’t a tomboy, but … [Read more...]

Easter Inspired Confetti Eggs

I first saw confetti eggs, also known as cascarones, when I moved to San Antonio and began to celebrate Fiesta. If you don't know what cascarones are, they are eggs that are emptied out, painted and then filled with colorful confetti. I love to make confetti eggs because not only are they a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages but they also make Easter more colorful and pictures really fun. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make Easter inspired confetti eggs. Making Easter inspired … [Read more...]

Celebrate Dr Seuss’s Birthday

From favorites such as Green Eggs and Ham to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, many Dr Seuss's books are passed down from generation to generation. Dr Seuss lives in the hearts of so many people and so many of his books are read to our children from their teachers at school or right before they go to bed at night. So many wonderful memories have been and are created from his amazing books. Since Dr Seuss's birthday is March 2nd here is a fun round up of ideas on how you can celebrate Dr Seuss's … [Read more...]

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