DIY Rainbow Friendship Shirt

This post contains affiliate links. During the day, I take care of kids and I love to get crafty with them. Some of my favorite crafts to do with them are ones that become forever keepsakes. From handprints to footprints there are so many fun crafts that can be made with little ones. These types of crafts never get tiresome and there is so much you can do. Since St Patrick's Day is right around the corner I decided to help my kids create a DIY Rainbow Friendship Shirt. You only need a few … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Flower Pots

This post contains affiliate links. I think I am on flower pot overload. I recently posted a tutorial on how to create a Minion Flower Pot  that my 10-year-old created. She had so much fun making it and it looks great on our deck, that I decided to have my daycare kids create a flower pot of their own and let them plant some seeds. To add some fun to it, I decided to have them create Chalkboard Flower Pots. This is a simple kid craft that will need only a little bit of parental … [Read more...]

Minion Flower Pot

Today my daughter, Lexi, will be guest posting on the blog! The other day we were painting flower pots and she asked if she could make her flower pot into a Minion. Of course, I said for her to go for it and to be prepared to have it be featured on my blog. She agreed and went on to create an amazing Minion Flower Pot. This is a simple craft for kids and it's perfect to keep kids busy during the long summer months. The first step to creating your Minion Flower Pot is to paint the upper … [Read more...]

DIY Valentine’s Day Tile

This post contains affiliate links to make your shopping easier. With Valentine's Day around the corner, I wanted to make something special for my daycare moms. In the past I've made them cute little candy filled mason jars with their child's handprints or footprints on them. I love making little treasures that become forever keepsakes, so this Valentine's Day I decided to create a DIY Valentine's Day Tile for each child. My goal for this project was to make it simple, but also affordable … [Read more...]

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