How to Make Reindeer Food

With Christmas approaching, it's time to finish some of the final touches on this awesome holiday. My 8 year old came to me the other day and asked if we had made Reindeer food yet for Santa's 9 reindeer. Of course, we had not checked this off of our list yet, so we knew what we had to do. As we gathered the ingredients to make reindeer food, my daughter asked if she could make a tutorial on how to make reindeer food. Of course, I said, "Yes!". Making Reindeer food is simple, takes very … [Read more...]

Holiday Inspired Mason Jars

I love mason jars because there are so many cute things that can be done with them. I especially love mason jars around the holidays because of all of the adorable arts and crafts that can be made with them. Since I love mason jars, I decided to reach out to some amazing bloggers and ask them to share some of their Holiday Inspired Mason Jars that they have created. There are so many creative things that you can make with mason jars for all season. I, personally, love to create keepsakes … [Read more...]

Reindeer Footprint Keepsake

Every year I like to make my daycare moms something special that they can keep as a sweet keepsake. So far this year I've made a few super cute and adorable home made gifts such as a Snowman Family Mason Jar, a single Snowman Mason Jar, and a Mistletoes Mason Jar. I needed to make one more gift for a set of twins and since I wanted to incorporate both of their little footprints into this gift I decided to make a Reindeer Footprint Keepsake. You only need a few simple supplies for this … [Read more...]

Mistletoes Mason Jar

I am a huge fan of homemade Christmas keepsakes. I cherish being able to unbox Christmas ornaments and have each keepsake bring back wonderful memories of my childhood and my kid's younger years. I am currently in the process of creating some sweet keepsakes for my daycare kids. So far I have made a Snowman Family Mason Jar and a Snowman Mason Jar. Since I had another child that I needed to make a gift for I decided to do a little bit of Pinterest research, I found a cute Mistletoes craft that I … [Read more...]

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