Leibold Grothues Ranch at the Lake Medina RV Resort

On Memorial Day weekend our family decided to take the RV out and go camping. We did not want to travel too far from home and most campsites were packed but luckily we were able to stumble upon a great place in Leibold Grothues Ranch at the Lake Medina RV Resort.  When you enter the ranch, as you drive down the long road to reach the RV sites, you pass by a variety of animals such as cows, horses and deer running. It is quite a site and very beautiful.  Unfortunately, Lake Medina is dry … [Read more...]

Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA

After a lot of research, conversation, and money managing my husband purchased an RV for the family. Our plan is to use the RV to get us out of the house more and go on little camping trips; even if the camp grounds are less than an hour away. We rarely go on vacation so this will be a great opportunity for much needed family time away from the house. Our first camping trip was to Lake Conroe in Montgomery, Texas.  When we arrived to the campground at Lake Conroe, the weather was beginning to … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day

This year Father's Day is June 15th and my kids and I planned something special for the man of the Fauci house. Instead of spending money on something that the dad of the household would not like, enjoy or need, we made a sweet video. So Happy Father's Day to Daddy Fauci!  My kids and I are extremely lucky to have such a great, funny and awesome dad. Our big family is what it is today because of the daddy of the Fauci household.  … [Read more...]

End of School Year Congratulations Gift

I have always thought it was important to celebrate each year that our kids survive another year at school; no matter what grade it is. Celebrations can be in the form of going out to dinner, getting ice cream, a remembrance gift, a card or just something silly. I, personally, like the silly and fun gifts. Here is a simple idea for an end of school year congratulations gift for your kids.   My girls, like most kids, love candy, so I thought that instead of just giving them some candy I … [Read more...]

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