San Antonios The Reptile Man

Months ago my 8 year old attended a birthday party for two friends and when we arrived to pick her up, she ran up to us and said she knew exactly the type of birthday party she wanted to have... a Mustache Reptile Party. After talking to the hostess of the party, I told my daughter that her dad and I would make it happen; especially after the mom said that this was the third time they had hired San Antonio's The Reptile Man. Before my daughter could change her mind, I immediately contacted … [Read more...]

Tejas Rodeo Company in Bulverde Texas

A few weeks ago our family attended a hidden little gem, the Tejas Rodeo Company in Bulverde, Texas. We recently moved to Bulverde, a small city outside of San Antonio, and did not know that this place existed until one day we drove past it, hit our brakes, and backed up our pick up truck to make sure we saw what we thought we were seeing. The excitement that filled that truck was not even explainable; a rodeo and a steakhouse that was minutes from our house! When we entered the gates we saw … [Read more...]

Fiesta de Los Reyes at Market Square

Last Saturday the Fauci's attended Fiesta De Los Reyes at Market Square and got to bring along our oldest daughter and our grand daughter. We loved to be able to share their first Fiesta experience with them and really loved that we got to share it with them at Market Square.  Daddy got all the girls some sunglasses and the salesman was nice enough, without my husband asking, to give him a very nice deal! Every single vendor/ store owner (except for 2- a beer vendor and a store owner … [Read more...]

Fiesta Oyster Bake

Over the weekend, the Fauci's put on their brightest colors and headed down to St Mary's University to celebrate Fiesta Oyster Bakein San Antonio, Texas.    Proceeds from the Fiesta Oyster Bake fund more than 70 St Mary's University students full or partial tuition scholarships or other financial assistance; in addition to so much more that benefits the students and alumni. With the amount of proceeds that are collected there is a lot of work to make this event successful. There are 7,000 … [Read more...]

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