Breakfast Sausage Tortilla Rolls

It is rare that I make a creative breakfast for my family.  I normally make simple eggs and bacon or serve them a stack of pancakes.  One day, however, when I was scrolling TikTok I found a video of sausage wrapped in french toast. (you can find my TikTok @boomchica1867) My family is not a huge fan of french toast so I decided to put my own spin on it.  I decided to make Breakfast Sausage Tortilla Rolls. These are not only kid-approved but quick and easy to … [Read more...]

Bisquick Pizza Casserole

If you follow the House of Fauci's, then you know that our family loves pizza.  I stopped ordering pizza for the delivery because quite honestly, it is never as good as when it is cooked at home and fresh.  Some of my kid's favorite pizza recipes are Pizza Empanadas, Pizza Egg Rolls, Pizza Spaghetti, and the Pizza Crescent Ring.  The other day my teen child insisted that I purchase a huge box of Bisquick so she could make one recipe.  I obliged and then … [Read more...]

Pretty Pintastic Party #107

How was your week? Are your kids ready for summer vacation? As a mom of 3 little girls, I can't wait for summer break to arrive so that I can create a lot of memories with my little ones. I am sure after a month, I will be wanting them to go back but for now, I am ready. This week's Pretty Pintastic Party #107 will most likely have a ton of awesome summer recipes, crafts, and fun for your kids, so make sure to check it out.  Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all posts are pinned … [Read more...]

Pretty Pintastic Party #106

Summer is right around the corner and that means there will be some awesome posts on this week's Pretty Pintastic Party #106. We're glad you're here to celebrate May with us! Link up some great posts, and check out the fun things others are linking up!  Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all posts are pinned & features are pinned by all!   First, let's meet the hosts: Jamie, Kerry, & Lucy from Coffee With Us 3 Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter  Heather from Divas Run for … [Read more...]

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