Celebrate CHD Awareness

My daughter was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect when I was around 4 -5 months pregnant. Learning that your child has a CHD is not only heartbreaking but also terrifying. There are so many questions and the answers that you often receive contain words that you can’t even say, but on the flip side, there are some amazing doctors and nurses that specialize in this area that are always there to help you. Did you know that since pregnant women are not routinely tested, nor are newborns always screened for CHD that often times a congenital heart defect will go undetected until after birth, which can be extremely dangerous? Did you know that 1 in every 125 babies is born with a congenital heart defect every year in the United States? With these disturbing facts, along with my daughter being a CHD survivor, I think that it is important to celebrate CHD Awareness.

Celebrate CHD Awareness

This year CHD Awareness is held from Saturday, February 7th to Saturday, February 14th. The purpose of a designated CHD Awareness Week is to bring to light what some may not know about congenital heart defects such as ‘CHD’s kill twice as many children as childhood cancer’ and that ‘CHD’s are the most common birth defect’. It’s a week to make parents and parents to be aware that they should ask their doctor to check their child’s heart, ask them questions, and make their doctors aware of any heart related history that might be in the family. Keep in mind, your family does not have to have a heart history for your child to have a CHD; we learned this from our CHD survivor.

Here are some simple, amazing and fun ways that you can help celebrate CHD Awareness:

  • Bake: One of the best ways to spread awareness is by food! Who doesn’t love a treat in the middle of the day? I found these adorable Heartbeat Cookies on The Cookie Mama’s page. Bring a batch to your job, your child’s school, your church or wherever and help spread the word. Make sure to include an attachment that tells why you brought these awesome cookies or whatever you decide to bake.
  • Pay it Forward: Who doesn’t love to pay it forward? It is such a great feeling to surprise a person that we may or may not know with a drink, a $5 gift card, or a paid for meal. You can celebrate CHD Awareness by paying it forward, but make sure to leave them a note telling them why.
  • Donate: A great way to celebrate CHD Awareness is to donate. You can donate your time, donate money or donate items to a hospital. If you know a family that has a child with a CHD offer to babysit for them so that mom and dad can take a break or offer to take the siblings out to ice cream. You can also contact your local hospital and ask what items that the children’s wing are in need of. In addition, if you can make a monetary donation of even $10, my favorite heart fund is the Chloe Duyck Memorial Fund.
  • Share: Share this post. If you share this post, then you might inspire other people to become educated and to celebrate CHD Awareness so that the message can be spread even further. As I said before, the power of social media and the power of one’s voice can make a huge difference.

Please help celebrate CHD Awareness and please help spread the message. It’s easy and thank you in advance.

Written by: Aimee Fauci (heart mom to Lexi)


  1. Barb @ A Life in Balance says

    Thank you for contributing to Motivation Monday!

  2. I can’t even imagine how that kind of news would change you. Raising awareness for a cause like this is always incredibly important.

  3. Thank you for sharing! You have definitely raised my awareness.

  4. i had never head of this cause before, thanks for telling us about it

  5. I can’t imagine the heartbreak you experienced. This is such a worthy cause and definitely something that needs awareness.

  6. What a scary thing to have to go through. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

  7. Way to spread the word. I retweeted for you!

  8. My son is one of those 125. He was born with a VSD (ventricular septal defect).

  9. aimeefauci@gmail.com says

    Totally agree…

  10. Great job raising awareness. I did not realize it was CHD Month – I retweeted

  11. Hi Aimee,
    Thank you for sharing this and making me aware of CHD. I hope your child is alright.
    I’m sharing this post to help spread awareness.

    Jo of
    Say Cheesy Cake
    Say Cheesy Cake on Bloglovin

  12. Thank you for raising awareness around this issue. I have to admit I did not know much before reading this post so I am glad I was able to learn more.

  13. What a great cause. I had no idea it was CHD month, thanks for spreading the word.

  14. I never knew congenital heart defects were the most common birth defects. A friend from high school has a son with a CHD, and she shares a lot on Facebook about it. It’s amazing how committed she and her husband are to ensuring their son can have a healthy, wonderful life.

  15. Love this, I celebrate heart health awareness but I never her of chd awareness. Thanks for the info.

  16. I had no idea that CHS effected more kids that childhood cancer. Thank you for making me aware of it.

  17. Thank you for sharing about your daughter. Raising awareness of this disease is so very important

  18. This is an awesome way to spread awareness. Great work!

  19. What a great way to help others overcome and show your support. Thanks for sharing about your daughter.

  20. My sister was born with a CHD that went undetected until adulthood. Although she’s had her heart repaired, there have been many complications. I’m so grateful for the technology that extended her life.

  21. I’ve sadly taken care of kids in the hospital with CHD. Too young to be dealing with such a disease!

  22. Debbie Denny says

    Great to raise awareness. Shocking how many are diagnosed with this.

  23. I always love paying it forward. Also, you can never do too much when it comes to raising awareness!

  24. I didn’t know there was a week for this! What an important cause.

  25. I had no idea that so many were affected by this. I’m glad we can help raise awareness by sharing!

  26. I love the pay it forward! I teach my kids that, and this is for such a great cause! Love how your spreading the word

  27. Jess Weaver says

    This hits close to home. I has an infant brother pass from CHD. Back then (In the 80’s) there where not as easily detectable as they are now. Awareness is very important. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Pay it forward to help raise awareness for CHD is a fabulous idea! Thanks for helping to spread the word!

  29. You always work so hard to spread the word about CHD. Good job mommie, Lexi is going to remember this forever.

  30. Catherine S says

    I hadn’t heard of CHD until now. Thank you for helping to bring awareness. I hope your daughter is doing well.

  31. Pay It Forward makes me happy. Especially if it’s anonymous. 🙂

  32. Must be so scary to hear those words. Thanks for raising awareness.

  33. I will surely donate to such a good cause, I hope your child is doing well; heart issues are truly terrifying!

  34. I suck at baking, but I always donate to a good cause. Just a little would help quite a bit!

  35. These are great ideas on spreading the word. I am joining in celebrating and paying it forward 😉

  36. I can not image how scary it would be to find out that your child has a heart issue. It is great that you are spreading awareness regarding the issue and helping other families.

  37. Wow, that is so scary. Thank you for bringing this to light!

  38. That’s a sad and scary statistic. 1 in every 125! I had no idea! Glad you are helping raise awareness!

  39. That is terrifying for sure. Thankfully there have been so many medical advancements to help with many heart problem.s

  40. I’ve never thought of paying it forward to raise awareness. That’s such a great way to stick the information in people’s minds.

  41. I am so sorry about your daughter. It must be challenging for everyone. Thank you for raising awareness

  42. Having a child diagnosed with CHD has had to have been one of the harder things you have had to deal with in life. So glad she is a survivor…

  43. Thank you for raising awareness! Your strength is inspiring 🙂 *big hug*

  44. I just learned about CHD last semester. Thanks so much for sharing ways to spread awareness.

  45. Rachelle J says

    CHD is something I have never heard of,as I’m sure many others haven’t’, and I am so thankful for posts like this that bring things to light that wouldn’t be otherwise. I made sure to rewteet you!

  46. Thank you for raising awareness! I have shared your post. Lots of love, Lisa

  47. These are great ideas! Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness for this cause!

  48. I had no idea about this. I am so hoping your little girl is doing well. How scary. But so great to raise awareness!

  49. Thanks for raising awareness! I never heard of CHD before and really hope your daughter is doing well Aimee. I know this is so scary to deal with. *Hugs*

  50. Thanks for raising awareness about CHD. That must have been terrifying! I hope your daughter is doing well.

  51. It’s great that you’re raising awareness about this. I can’t imagine how scary this must be as a parent.

  52. I’m sure that this was very terrifying to hear. As parents, we want to try to protect our kids from having any health problems.

  53. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I didn’t know that about your daughter. Thank you for helping to raise awareness for this.

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