Chaos of Summer With Kids

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At the end of each school year, I am almost as excited as my kids are for school to let out for the summer. The idea of there not being any homework, schedules, and deadlines always makes me extremely excited. Unfortunately, it does not take long for the chaos of summer with kids to begin.

Summer are long and can be chaotic especially when you have kids. Here are some great ways to avoid the summer chaos.

Summer break is supposed to be months of relaxing, vacationing, late nights, sleeping in, along with little to no obligations. As a mom, before summer break arrives, I always look forward to a stress-free summer, but a week after my kids have been home, the chaos quickly begins.

Chaos of Summer With Kids

  • Constant Appointments– I do not like removing my girls from school so I schedule most of their doctor well checks and dentist appointments during the summer. With 3 girls, scheduling different doctor appointments throughout the summer along with followup appointments can become time consuming and chaotic.
  • Summer Activities– Each summer my girls sign up for a summer activity like swimming, dance, or an art camp. Getting them energized enough to get out of their summer pajamas is a struggle and can easily lead to chaos.
  • Fighting– I have 3 girls that normally get along pretty well, but now that summer is here they fight a lot. Of course, with 3 girls fighting and with mom trying to calm them down, it gets chaotic.
  • Messes– I feel like there is no need to clean my house in the summer. For whatever reason, my girls stop picking up after themselves, allow the kitchen trash to overflow, let cups pile up in every room and can never seem to refill the toilet paper roll. Needless to say, when I get home from work, it gets chaotic, especially when I have to ‘motivate’ my girls to clean up.
  • Three Words– “I am bored!” This does not require an explanation.

A few ways that I try and curtail some of the summer chaos is by creating a summer bucket list to prevent some of the kid’s boredom. In addition, I give my girls a daily chore list so that a few of their messes get cleaned up before I get home. One of my favorite things to do is to surprise my girls with a Red Baron Pizza and declare it a pizza night with their favorite movie.

For more than 40 years, Red Baron Pizza has helped moms with summertime chaos. Since there are 11 different pizza flavors to choose from, everyone’s tummy and taste buds should be satisfied.

Let Red Baron pizza help you solve the summer chaos with your kids.

My girls love it when I surprise them with a Red Baron Pizza. All of the chaos of summer goes away and memories with family are made.

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Let Red Baron pizza help you solve the summer chaos with your kids.

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