Classic Toys For All Ages

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Classic toys for kids of all ages

The other day I saw that Fisher Price Little People and the Swing were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.  I have to agree with these selections. They are toys that have been around forever and are so much fun to play with. A few others that have been inducted in previous years is Barbiebaby dolls, and the bicycle. As a mom with a lot of kids and as a home daycare provider, I have had a lot of experience with toys. My favorite toys are toys that can be passed down from generation to generation and are just as fun as when they first came out. As a way to help anyone that may be needing a toy for their child or a child that is having a birthday, I thought it might be helpful and fun to create a list classic toys for all ages. 

Classic toys for all ages

To be honest, I am not even sure where I should start with my list of classic toys. I have been raising kids for over 20 years, so I have seen and been around a lot of toys.  I get most excited about toys that are durable and long lasting, encourage kids to use their imagination, and toys that have the ability to keep kid’s attention.

Littlest Pet Shops: These toys have been in my home for over 14 years! My girls cannot get enough of them and what I love is that my oldest has passed her pet shops down to my youngest. I love seeing them play with their pet shops because each time they play, they tell a different story with their toys.


Legos: I think we can all agree that Legos are classic toys that have been around for almost forever.


Little Tikes: If you keep these toys out of the sun, they will be toys that will keep their color and shape forever. We have Little Tikes toys that have been in our home for years.


 Fisher- Price Baby Toys: I have so many Fisher-Price toys from 11 years ago. These toys last and because most are musical toys, kids love them.


 Barbies: I played with Barbies when I was kid and I’ve watched my kids play with Barbies now. I love Barbies and these are classic toys.

 These are only a few of the classic toys. A few more are My Little Pony and American Girl DollsI feel like I mainly listed ‘girl’ toys, so please tell me, what are some classic toys for boys? Do you have any classic toys for girls?

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