Coasterphobia – Yep, I Suffer From It

Up until around the age of 30 I would always get excited about going to theme parks such as Six Flags Over Texas, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures and Disney. Even though I was scared and nervous I loved riding the upside rides, the rides that drop you from way high in the sky and the really fast ones that leave you not knowing if you are here or there.

Sadly, in my early 30’s I came to the conclusion that my body and I did not respond to roller coasters like I used to. After I got myself strapped in I would always tug violently at the body straps and the waist restraints and then say a silent prayer, ‘Please God, don’t let me die.’ I would actually say it over and over again.

My first moment of panic was experienced at Six Flags Over Texas on Batman: The Ride . This is a ride that leaves your feet dangling and you experience constant twists and turns. It is almost impossible to keep your head against the head rest and all you see is sun and all you hear is the loud track. I did not think I was going to lose it until the very end of the ride. After the ride does a not so gentle stop, it takes you to a closed in hotbox. It was at this point that I had that ‘Oh my gosh, I am going to pass out or die’ moment. I looked at my husband and told him that I thought that I was going to vomit or lose it and he did what I expected him to do. He said, ‘Don’t! You will be fine!’ So I closed my eyes and breathed and threw up all over the place.. Just kidding, but I did close my eyes, breathe and pray that the Six Flags crew would get us off this ride quick.

On our next trip to a theme park I tried to ride Batman again and the same thing happened. I also tried to ride all of the other rides I had ridden in the past, but my body had the same reaction. My first thought was that I was getting old and that my brain could no longer handle it, but after some research I diagnosed myself with having Roller Coaster Phobia. This gave me a great relief. I can now tell my family that it’s not my fault that I can’t ride roller coasters anymore, that I had a medical disorder.

Below are some rides I rode at Disney World after being diagnosed with Roller Coaster Phobia. Enjoy!

The picture was taken at the very start of the ride. If the picture was taken at the end you would have seen the fear across my face.
This was not even an actual ‘ride’, but by the look on my face you can tell how scared I am. Everyone else has a sarcastic ‘scare’ face on but mine is real! 

This was the scariest ride I rode at Disney World. It is called Expedition Everest and it is the scariest ride I have ridden since I diagnosed myself with Roller Coaster Phobia. I think what scared me most was the unknown. This ride put me on the verge of tears. SN- Yes, it looks like I am passing gas in this picture, but I promise I am not. 

What is your roller coaster ride experience? What is your favorite ride/ theme park?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Ashley B says

    This is an old post I found but the exact thing happened to me last weekend riding the Batman ride at Six Flags over Texas. I completely panicked and thought I was going to die. I got off the ride dizzy and couldn’t walk. I got on and got right off the rides at the park the rest of the day….just couldn’t do it. I was so frustrated and really tried but literally put my feet in the seat, couldn’t sit down and got right back off. I started experiencing claustrophobia after the birth of my second child 2 years ago. I had been to Disneyworld last December and rode Everest but didn’t experience it quite like the Batman ride but I did a little. It was the Mission Space at Epcot that completely freaked me out and when I thought I was going to die being closed in like that. ….but now, I realized I can no longer ride roller coasters….postpartum panic disorder, roller coaster phobia, old age (41)? It consumes your life!!

  2. It’s really ok NOT to go on 🙂 Everyone has different likes…and certainly roller coasters are not yours. Your kids would understand!

  3. Growing Up Madison says

    You and me both! I hate those things. My daughter on the other hand loves them and the faster and scarier they are the more she wants to go on. I’m very happy on the ground thank you very much.

  4. Virginia Higgins says

    I loved roller coasters as a teen. After I had my jaws broken, though, I just couldn’t do them anymore.

  5. I used to LOVE roller coasters. But them i had kids and paranoia set in that something bad was going to happen.

  6. Eliz Frank says

    Em, Aimee, why do you keep going back? I have coasterphobia too and would never go near those rides. I would probably pass out so no giant rides for me. I admire your gumption.

  7. Catherine L. says

    I dislike roller coasters and will only ride the kiddie ones. And even those freak me out! My husband loves them!

  8. I have not been on a roller coaster in years, but I don’t think I’ve developed a phobia. We have a Batman ride at the Six Flags here in GA and I love it!

  9. I totally have coaster phobia myself! I will not go on any that go upside down!

  10. Jinxy and Me says

    I absolutely LOVE roller coasters! Unfortunately, my husband isn’t as big a fan so I don’t get to go on as many of them as I want to!

  11. Toni Patton says

    I am the opposite. I LOVE roller coasters.

  12. Maddi'sMommy says

    THat looks like so much fun! My dad and I are total thrill seekers but my husband is scared to death!

  13. I’m actually terribly afraid of heights, I panic in the line at the waterslide lol. When I was a young kid I would go on anything and everything I could, but now I can’t.

  14. I used to love roller coasters until I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. All that bumping and twisting does not do the belly good. There are a few rides I can handle, but if I can, I will skip them altogether!

  15. I used to love roller coasters. Now not so much! haha Guess I outgrew it.

  16. Krystal Butherus says

    I’d love to go to Six Flags! I do love roller coasters though.

  17. I cannot sympathize with you. I am a roller coaster junkie. I love that feeling of terror just before the roller coaster drops. My sister in law and I recently went to Disney. Oh my goodness I could not get enough of the coaster.

  18. I feel your pain – I’ve gotten that way in my ‘old age’ as well, praying to God we didn’t fall off a ride or something weird happen. I think maybe that worry comes with ‘experience’ in seeing so many things happen. My 11 yr old is already like that, (she’s too smart for her own good).
    I’ve noticed too I don’t do so well on rides that go around and around – they make me dizzy! We road a ride at Disney, a space launcher, like we were on a rocket ship going to Mars and I prayed I wouldn’t throw up – I had never EVER felt that sick on a ride! My kids laughed at me, (they loved it, even my 11 yr old because it was a simulator) but my parents felt the same. Oh, growing up sucks!

  19. I used to love to ride roller coasters when I was younger. Not so much now! I feel like I’m suffocating when I get on them and have all kinds of anxiety! My roller coaster years are over!

    • Me too! I hate those over the shoulders bars that make me feel trapped but them I hate it when I only get a waist bar because I feel like I could fly out.. I decided I will just stay on the side lines and watch the kids that are too short and scared.

  20. As a kid I used to love roller coasters, but now that I’m older all I think about is “Is this safe? Will it break? This seems loose…” I wish I could go back to those care free kid days!

  21. As a kid, I used to love roller coasters. As an adult, not so much. It’s hard on the body and my mind goes to the things that could happen. Roller coasters aren’t for me anymore!

  22. Susanna Barbee says

    Is coasterphobia an actual phobia? If not, I love the word. I still like them but not nearly as much as I did when I was younger.

    • I googled my symptoms and it came up in WIKI.. I’m going to have to say it is.. SO I am sticking with my diagnosis as my older kids and husband pressure me.

  23. There is no amount of money in the world that would get me to ride a roller coaster – or anything like the Tower of Terror that drops.

  24. Mommy 2 J.A.M. says

    I won’t go on any more roller coasters after I got stuck upside down in one when I was a teenager. I don’t like the upside down ones. They aren’t regulated so its kind of dangerous too! 😕

  25. Pauline Cabrera says

    There is so much in fair and the rides are really awesome. I know it seems like torture to others, but I love how rides give me the thrill and absolutely adrenaline-pumping experience. 🙂

  26. Since having kids, I can’t do them either. Last year I rode Space Mountain and thought to myself “why did I do that?” Ouch!

    • I rode Space Mountain after I allowed my.. then 7 year old on Space Mountain.. She acted like it was not scary but would not ride it again.. When I got on it I thought what a horrible parent I was because that ride was awful!

  27. I’m pretty appalled that I actually get some motion sickness now from roller coasters. What happened to me?

  28. LOL! I love those pictures when getting off of roller coasters – everyone’s faces are always so funny! I love coasters though! 🙂

  29. I used to be the same exact way. Roller coasters still give me pretty bad anxiety but I always try my best to suck it up and enjoy the ride. I have never been stuck on one thank god!

  30. I once LOVED everything about roller coasters and never thought twice about going on them. After I had my first child I became increasingly aware that roller coasters make me nervous now. After being stuck on a few within the past year or so, I am officially giving up to the fact that I now have a phobia of them because I do not want to risk my life and leave my children motherless just for the adrenaline rush I once craved.

  31. One of our friends has the best photo from a rollercoaster (daughter and her father were grinning at the camera. All other riders were totally freaking out.) You will not catch me on a rollercoaster. Just not my thing!

    • It amazes me how people can be so calm during coaster rides and know exactly when to pose. My two sons and friend saluted the camera during one ride… Straight face and all!

  32. BrettBMartin says

    omg i’m almost hyperventilating you did Everest. I quake in fear of the idea of going!

  33. I don’t have roller coaster phobia, but I do suffer from motion sickness! I was able to ride a coaster at Dollywood a few years ago after taking Bonine – but I was still queasy afterwards!

  34. Oh my gosh, this is SO me! I used to not be afraid and now I am. Same with going into the ocean for some reason.

  35. I have a few of those dino pics, they are the best!!! Those Disney folks know exactly where to set up those cameras!

    • I used to be like.. hey this ride is cool and I thought it was sooooooooooooo funny to watch all those weaklings around me getting scared.. UGH.. now it was my turn.

  36. I haven’t been on one since i had the baby! I wonder if It would feel different.

  37. Oh Chene.. I literally cried.. not pouring tears.. but cried on this ride.. I was in panic mode! I think I over worked myself up. I am at that age where I need to know what is going to happen.. this ride does not allow that.. Oh sweet Jesus

  38. Nexlegacy Performance Institute says

    Girl that face on the last picture is too funny! I can only imagine what you were thinking. I love roller coaster– I’m terrified of them but I love the thrill. I’ll make sure to add this to our to do list when I come to visit 😉

    This is Chene BTW

  39. I think I am the opposite…I was terrified of roller coasters and had reeeeally bad claustrophobia ( I wouldn’t even take elevators and was scared of parking garages) until my late twenties. Not sure what changed but now I LOVE thrill rides!!! And use elevators and parking garages on the daily!

  40. Both my Dad and I disliked roller coasters so when we would go to parks, he and I would watch the others ride and we would eat our weight in greasy fried food. I think I got the better end of the deal.

  41. My mom would not ride rides and we did not go to the fair. I was a teenager before I had this experience and I LOVED it, the wilder the better. But in 2001 I was in a bad car wreck and suffer from vertigo now, I can’t even watch traffic at a stop light without getting sick. 🙁 sadly my roller coaster days are over.

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