Dear Mama June

I am not one to post about television gossip, rumors, and drama but in the situation with June Shannon, also known as Mama June, I felt like I needed to address it. If you are not familiar with who Mama June is, let me give you a quick introduction. Mama June appears with her family on a TLC reality television show called ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’. On this show the family gets together and does certain things that are meant to shock the audience, but during the show you see them unite as a loving and happy family. Sadly, it has been rumored that Mama June is now dating a convicted sex offender that has served around 10 years in jail for child sex offender crimes; crimes having been against at least one of  her daughters. Sadly, Mama June is not the only mom in this world that has chosen to allow a pedophile to be around her or other people’s children, so I decided to write a Dear Mama June letter to all the women out there that are blinded by evil.

Dear Mama JuneDear Mama June,

As a human being I can understand that feeling of wanting to be loved, needed, appreciated, desired and accepted by that one person that we want to be our true love. That one person that we think is meant for us and that person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with and share our deepest and darkest secrets. Unfortunately, there are times that the man we fall in love with is not who we think he is. He might be loving, handsome, funny, career oriented, clever, and all of those things that are on our ‘perfect  man’ checklist but when a man has an evil heart and an evil mind, then all of these wonderful qualities become null and void. We, as moms, have a job to guide, educate, teach and most of all protect our children from evil, so when evil comes around our children we must first put our wants and desires aside and think of the children that cannot protect themselves. When our children cry out to us and tell us that someone hurt them, it is our job to sit, listen and ask them questions. Our children should be able to believe in us and know that when they come to us that we will believe in them. I know that some would say that how one might raise their kids and treat their kids could be determined by how they were treated and raised as a child; while this might be true, I do not believe that it should be used as an excuse. I believe that we should look back and learn how our mama’s raised us and practice what they did right and learn from what they did wrong.

Mama June, it is time to rise up and be the mama that God intended you to be when he blessed you with your beautiful children. It is time to rise up, hold onto your children tight, love your kids with all of your heart, mind and soul and protect them from evil. If you choose to allow evil around your children and you can look in the mirror and accept that the man you are choosing to bring around your kids may potentially harm them, then you do not deserve to be a mama. You need to look your babies in the eyes and tell them good bye and send them to someone that will love and protect them. Then you need to get on your knees and ask God to forgive you for not being the mama that he intended you to be.

We are our kid’s protectors, we are our kid’s caregivers and we are the women that brought these beautiful children into this world. It is our job to shield our kids from evil, so to all the Mama June’s in this world that are blinded by evil, please do what you would want your mama to have done.


A Mama to 6


  1. Its too often that a parent is too selfish to see what the right thing to do is. Mama June needs to get some help to fix her priorities.

  2. so so sad for this family. Ive seen the show and although they live and act differently then me, they always looked happy.

  3. I never watched the show, so I can’t really say much about her parenting. I wonder how much is “production” and how much is really her parenting. We need to do the best we can with our kids. some days are better than others.

  4. This is letter would help all the woman who don’t see the real picture and are blinded with something they get from the situation, such as someone to love, etc. They need to read this letter and know what they are doing in the process of getting what they want. Well written 😀

  5. I just read about this and I think that woman used her children to get paid and then let a man come in hurt your children. It all just makes me sick.

  6. I have never watched the show but, I have seen Mama June and her family in the tabloids . I ‘m glad to hear they canceled the show!
    I think your letter was well written ! I think it’s sad that any parent doesn’t protect their children!!

  7. Having a child and being their parent is such a blessing. It saddens me that some don’t take the responsibility as seriously as they should.

  8. I applaud you for the tactful way you approached this subject. Thank you for this Mama June please listen.

  9. I’ve never seen this show, but she sounds kind of horrible. I don’t understand the appeal of shows the portray women acting like bad moms (or women acting like complete uneducated dunces, like Jersey Shore). I feel like it sets us back so far.

  10. I’ve never watched it before – only heard previews on tv. Love your post!

  11. I heard the show was being canceled, but didn’t know the reasons why until I looked it up. It was so sad to read what was going on and my heart breaks for those children.

  12. This is unbelievable! We do need to protect our children. Praying for everything to go well for the little one

  13. I can’t for the life of me understand this woman or what’s going on inside her head but I like that you’ve shown compassion in your response. I really hope she gets it together!

  14. I have never seen the show, but I did see that headline and my heart instantly hurt for the child. Those kind of scars can be worse than physical ones, when you’re parent doesn’t put you first, or worse… like in this case.

  15. I don’t watch the show, but am familiar with the situation. I love this letter, but unfortunately, the people who NEED to read it, won’t. There are a lot of women out there… (Oprah’s/Iyanla’s term: fatherless daughters), who fall prey to this kind of “love” most often.

  16. When I read about this a week ago, I was so disturbed. While Mama June denies the reports, it’s hard not to think there’s some truth to this. Nicely written letter. Children should always come first.

  17. I didn’t watch the show when it was on because it was just too outrageous for me. I think a lot of stuff on these reality shows are staged anyway but since TLC ended the show over this incident, there probably was real danger there this time. I hope this wakes Mama June up to the reality that her children have to come first.

  18. :/ I honestly don’t know what is really going on. I saw bits here and there in the news, but I hope she gets it together.

  19. It’s so sad when you find out about such things. Never watch the show but this is really sad.

  20. I don’t watch the show & I don’t really follow the celeb gossip either. But I am saddened that she’d get together with that “man” & put her kids at risk when one was already a victim.

  21. I don’t watch the show but it really bothers me how she has given up everything for a predator. I really hope some good comes to those children.

  22. I have never seen the show, but I just recently started hearing about it getting cancelled. I hope Mama June is able to put her kids first and give them the love and attention that they desperately need!

  23. Perfect letter! I just hate that there is any need for it! I’ve never watched the show itself, but I’ve been watching the news unfold – it hurts my heart terribly!

  24. It makes me so sad to see this…her poor children!

  25. I have never watched the show but I’ve heard the rumors and she has said it isn’t true. If it is I’m sorry for her. Nice letter!

  26. I thought she got married to that guy that lived with her the first few season? I do wonder how much of the show and rumors around it are true though…

  27. Great letter. The worst thing about the evilness in the world is that it is so good at disguising itself. People are wonderful actors, especially the really reprehensible ones.

  28. As far as I’m concerned she is a terrible example. It crushes me what she is doing, lying about it and bringing young kids around that man. To me there is no excuse. Safety and well being of your children is #1.

    Very great post! I’m glad the show was cancelled and I hope she’s happy! Her poor kids!

  29. I saw an interview with the daughter and she is still a mess over the situation. I hope Mama June becomes enlightened about this soon and makes sure her kids are safe.

  30. My heart breaks for her children. No parent should ever endanger their child like this.

  31. I hate how people assume that honey boo boo is a picture of the south! I think you’re letter is very well written, and I think that it is so important to educate our children about people who would try to do them harm!

  32. I don’t watch this show and couldn’t pick any of these people out of a crowd, but have heard some of the recent allegations. Your letter is perfect.

  33. I like your letter. I have been following the Mama June situation. I am hoping the story is not as it is being reported but the evidence that seems to be building up against June is pretty convincing. I hope that her children will be safe.

  34. Eww that is awful. I never watched the show but I heard it was cancelled.

  35. I have never watched the show but saw all the news about it. Well written letter

  36. So well written. Thank you for sharing this Aimee

  37. I am not one to dive into tv talk either but I’m glad you did. The reports are absolutely disgusting and reminds me too much of that movie “Precious.” That mom turned a blind eye as well just to keep the guy in the picture (even though he was more interested in her child than her…and she knew it).

  38. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out about this. As parents, one of our calls is to care and guard our kids. Choosing a man who is not your husband over the innocence of your child is a sign of deep depravity and insecurity. Let’s continue to pray for the family.

  39. This is why I don’t watch TV

  40. This is such a terrible situation! With the show now canceled I hope it is a wake up call for June. TLC will still pay her for the rest of the season but after that she’ll be getting nothing.

  41. I have only watched this hsow a few times and it always leaves me more sad than entertained. Wonderfully written letter. I truly hope both Mama June and her children make better choices in their futures.

  42. I’ve never watched this show, but I’ve seen the gossip sites/blogs like TMZ & E! cover this story.
    Maybe someone like Dr. Phil will intervene because it sounds like the whole family needs some emotional support.

  43. Well written and well said. Thanks for sharing this and your thoughts on this terrible situation and topic. I appreciate seeing honest dialogue about something so very serious.

  44. Thanks for sharing. I’ve only watched it once to see what all the fuss was about. Totally embarrassed to admit that I’m from Georgia. Just FYI to any “non-southerners”…We are NOT all like that. I’m not sure what makes me more sad, here actions or the fact that the show is/was so popular.

  45. I heard the show was being canceled. We can only hope. I’ve never watched the show, nor had any desire to watch. I feel like it’s just another way to depict southerners as morons. I did hear about the mama dating the sex offender. It really doesn’t surprise me at all. Sad, mad, but not surprised.

  46. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I have never seen the show, but I have to wonder how much of it is made up for ratings.

  47. Good for you for writing what needed to be said. Parents must put their children’s needs first – especially when it comes to protecting them from people who may be dangerous to them.

  48. It breaks my heart when kids don’t get the love they deserve. My heart breaks so badly for kids that don’t get the love they so deeply need to thrive.

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