DIY Christmas Decorations

Around the holidays my girls love to create fun family friendly crafts that they can use to decorate our home with or that they can use to gift to their family members. The other day my husband was working on a project and he had the genius idea to cut some square pieces out of the wood he was using and allow the girls to make DIY Christmas decorations out of them. They loved it and it was such an easy craft that kept them busy for a few hours.

Kid Friendly Homemade Christmas Decorations

The great thing about these DIY Christmas Decorations is that they are simple to make and are cost efficient. My girls loved using their creative talent while making these and also loved to personalize each ornament that they planned on gifting to their family and teachers. They decided to use some of the ornaments that they created for the 12 Days of Christmas gifts that they will be gifting their teachers this year in addition to using them for their own personal tree that is in their room.


Homemade Christmas Decorations
Recipe Type: DIY Ornaments
Author: House of Fauci’s
This is a kid friendly DIY craft that makes creating Christmas decorations fun.
  • VERY thin piece of plywood
  • Sand Paper
  • Acrylic Paint (variety of colors)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper Plate
  • Paper Towel
  • Cup of Water
  • Ribbon
  • Sharpie
  1. Have a grown up cut a variety of shapes out of very thin plywood
  2. Sand the edges of the plywood until they are smooth
  3. Prepare your paint pallet- put dollops of paint onto the plate
  4. Pour a cup of water
  5. Have your paper towel ready to dab your brush
  6. Paint your ornament with your amazing creation
  7. Once your ornament has completely dried, have a grown-up drill a hole near the top
  8. Thread a ribbon in the hole, loop it and create a knot at the top
  9. Sign the back of your ornament, feel free to put a special message

Kid Friendly Homemade Decorations

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  1. I love these! MY son has made a few things and they are treasures for sure!

  2. When my girls were younger they loved making ornaments for the tree but now they are older they aren’t as interested. These are cute.

  3. So great for the kids to make. I love homemade ornaments, they’re easily my most fave ornaments on the tree!

  4. These are adorable and will be a great activity during winter break.

  5. This is adorable. I love homemade ornaments and, in fact, my tree is full of them!

  6. What a cute snowman! Nothing beats a DIY christmas decor!

  7. I’m headed to the store today to pick up some things to make Christmas ornaments with my kids. I’m printing off this supply list! 🙂

  8. What a fun and festive craft activities to do with your kids! I love this idea and pinned it to try this holiday season with my kids!

  9. AWesome post and I love your blog title! Thank you for sharing

  10. Super cute! My kids are just outside the age range for this, one too old, and two too young. I will pin it for others to use! 🙂

  11. Melissa Smith says

    What a super cute idea! I know my kids would love making these for our tree, as well as for gifts for others.

  12. Oh, those are awesome. So much more meaningful, and they’ll be great to look back on or pass down.

  13. A lot of our ornaments were handmade by the kids. This is a cute idea for kids! It will be a great keepsake.

  14. Such a simple yet very adorable craft to do with the kids this Christmas, thanks!

  15. Very cute. We use to make ornaments like this with our kids when they were young. It was so much fun and so many memories and we still put them up on the tree.

  16. I love this idea for craft project. We will be doing this for our daycare thanks!

  17. These are soooooo cute! I homeschool my daughter so I’m going to try these on Monday!

  18. So cute!!! I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to do these things. I have tons of homemade ornaments on my tree and they are some of my absolute favorites!

  19. Love it! I also love DIY holiday crafts with the kiddos! I love giving them as gifts! This one is great and super budget friendly! Thanks for sharing!

  20. OH my gosh, what a perfect gift for a grandparent. I just love it, and it’s so easy to do.

  21. Just adorable! I love when the kids bring home holiday decor they made at school.

  22. Oh a memento and DIY plus family activity all I. One. Definitively getting busy with your suggestion! Love that snowman!

  23. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    I much prefer homemade decorations from the kids! It makes your tree more special and gifts from the kids are always a plus 🙂

  24. So cute! A friend of mine just posted some ornaments she and her kids were making – they were doing a totally homemade tree! (The ornaments, that is.) I’ll share this with her, too!

  25. How cute! I love homemade decorations and gifts. People love to receive those gifts, but we have such a good time making them together, that it’s really probably more fun for us.

  26. Some of my favorite decorations are homemade. Love this!

  27. My mother still has most of my ornaments and some craft projects. I do have a giant stack of artwork kiddo has done. But since she doesn’t live with her dad and I full time, there are a lot of things, like ornaments, that we don’t have.

  28. Homemade is always better! You are creating precious memories! I still have my children’s homemade ornaments to hang on the tree even though they are both grown now. I enjoy seeing the ornaments my grandchildren make now.

  29. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Our tree is filled with ornaments that the kids made for us. I love it. I think it makes the tree extra special.

  30. Those are adorable. I still hang all of my (now grown) kid’s homemade Christmas ornaments on the “family” tree in the great room. The memories always make me smile as I’m decorating that tree.

  31. Those are so cute! When my son is older next year, I am definitely doing this!


  32. These are the cutest! My Mom still has my ornaments that I made when I was younger. This is a fun project for the kiddies and adults!

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