DIY Fiesta Party Hats

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DIY Fiesta Party Hats Craft

Every year in San Antonio the entire city celebrates Fiesta. It’s a huge party that brings in quite a bit of money for the city and it consists of bright colors, music, and a lot of fun! Since I plan on throwing a Fiesta party for my family and friends, I wanted to let the kids coming to my party create their very own DIY Fiesta Party Hats.

DIY Fiesta Party Hats

Fiesta is full of color and fun and you can never look too silly, so I wanted to make sure that the kids that were coming to my Fiesta party would have a fun hat to wear. These DIY Fiesta Party Hats are simple to make and use craft supplies that are often times found around the house. For our hats, we used party hats that we had leftover from a previous birthday party, colorful pom poms, feathers, felt animals, tissue paper, curly string and more.

Fiesta Hat Supplies

This is a simple and fun craft for young kids but if you end up using a hot glue gun like I did, then you will need to help your kids. Since regular glue did not work on my birthday hats I ended up using hot glue which worked much better. You can decorate your Fiesta hats as crazy or as simple as you want because it’s your hat. Just remember to keep it colorful and have fun.

Fiesta Hat Steps

My kids loved making these simple DIY Fiesta Hats. The colors popped and they are definitely hats that will get them attention.

DIY Party Hats for Kids

 Do you celebrate Fiesta?

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