DIY Snowman Ornament

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The other day I received the Oriental Trading Company catalogue in the mail and immediately started thinking Christmas. I showed my 10 year old daughter the magazine and we knew it was time to start preparing for Christmas. In all of my years, I had never decorated glass Christmas ornaments and I am not sure why because it is so easy, fun, and there are so many possibilities. As my daughter and I flipped through the catalogue she immediately pointed to a bubble gum machine ornament and a snowman ornament. She chose the snowman ornament to make first. Not only did it turn out cute but it was so simple and fun to make.

Snowman Ornament

The Snowman ornament was simple to make and it took only a few supplies that you can find at Oriental Trading Company.  You will need a round glass ornament, pom poms, black paint pen, googly eyes, Mod Podge, paintbrush, homemade funnel, snow flusters, hot glue gun and a pipe cleaner.

Snowman Supplies

The first step is to paint the inside rim with Mod Podge and then allow some to drip down the sides of the inside of the ornament. I am sure you can use regular glue, but we used Mod Podge since ours had a sparkle to it.

Snowman Snow

You will then put the homemade funnel into the glass ball and pour some snow into the ball. With your thumb over the ornament opening, you will then move the snow around so that some of it sticks to the Mod Podge.

Snow in the Ball

 You will then start hot gluing the eyes and nose. Swirl the pipe cleaner around your finger and then hot glue the ends of the pipe cleaner to the inside of the ear muff pom poms. Once this has dried you will glue each end of the pom poms on the sides of the snowman. After the glue has dried, use the black paint marker to draw the circles for the mouth.

Snowman Steps

This is a simple and fun DIY Snowman Ornament that you and your kids can make together. My daughter and I loved making these together and cannot wait to create more awesome ornaments and share them with you. Don’t forget Oriental Trading Company has all the crafting supplies you need to create beautiful and fun holiday fun. Do you create DIY ornaments?

Snow Man Ornament

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