DIY Unique Appreciation Gift

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When I give a gift to a friend or loved one I always try and make it unique. I take the time and put a lot of thought behind the gift so that the recipient knows that they are special and were individually thought of. 

I recently created a unique appreciation gift for the mom of my daughter’s best friend. It was important to me to let her know how much she is appreciated by myself and my daughter. I didn’t want to give her a simple gift but a well thought out gift that she would love and appreciate. 

The perfect DIY gift to show your appreciation for someone you love.

Each time my daughter is invited to go to her friend’s house, her mom spoils her as if she is her own child. She treats her to dinner, snacks and a lot of fun. I always offer her money to pay for my child’s portion and each time she refuses to accept my offer. I decided to make her a Gift Card Appreciation gift as a way of not only showing my appreciation but paying her back for the money she spent throughout the year. 

You only need a few simple but fun supplies for this Gift Card Appreciation Gift. 

  • Personalized Mug- I ordered mine from Snapfish. I gathered pictures of my daughter and her friend from throughout the years and added a sweet message. 
  • Styrofoam- Cut to fit the inside of the mug.
  • Dowel Rods- I used 4. 
  • Spray Paint- I wanted to brighten the dowel rods up, so I painted them yellow. 
  • Hershey’s Gold- I used this chocolate because it represents ‘A Heart of Gold’. 
  • Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses- I used this chocolate because I wanted to give hugs & kisses. 
  • Shredded Paper or Tissue Paper- I used this to hide the styrofoam after it was placed in the mug. 
  • Hot Glue
  • Variety of Gift Cards

  • Place the sized styrofoam into the mug
  • After the dowel rods are painted and dried, stick them into the styrofoam.
  • Place the shredded paper or tissue onto the styrofoam. 
  • Hot glue the gift cards onto each dowel rod. 
  • Hot glue the candy pieces onto the dowel rods. 
  • Place additional candy pieces in the mug. 

I loved making this gift. It was a wonderful way to show my friend how much I truly appreciate her for everything she has done and does for my daughter. 

I believe that the best part of this gift is the mug that is covered with adorable pictures of our girls that show so many of the memories that were created because of my daughter’s best friend’s mom. 

This gift would also be great for your child’s teacher and is the perfect gift to give any time of the year. 

The perfect gift for a teacher or loved one that you want to show appreciation to.

The perfect gift for a teacher or loved one that you want to show appreciation to.

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