Do This and Your Child’s Teacher Will Thank You.

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Over the years I have met a lot of teachers. When I was a home daycare provider I primarily cared for teacher’s little ones during the day, so when they came to pick up their kids I would hear an earful. Most of what I heard made my jaw drop and often times was followed with an “Are you kidding me?” response. In my opinion, 98% of teachers are amazing, are truly dedicated and are focused on teaching and caring for our children, so when I hear what teachers have to deal with I have to question what these parents are thinking. If you are a parent or a caregiver and care about your child’s teacher, do this and your child’s teacher will thank you.

Your child is with their teacher a lot, so it's important to treat them like a member of you team. Do this and your child's teacher will thank you.

My kid’s teachers spend almost as much time with my kids as I do. It’s a sad reality but that’s why it’s important to treat teachers as if they were your child’s second set of parents.

Do This & Your Child’s Teacher Will Thank You

  • Answer your teacher’s emails, phone messages, personal notes etc.
  • Volunteer! Not everyone has the ability to volunteer during the work hours or even after hours but there are different ways you can volunteer. Ask your child’s teacher for how she needs your help.
  • Donate school supplies. After the back to school season is over, stores like Target and Walmart always have school supplies that are on clearance. Grab some and send them with your child.
  • Send extra tissue, especially when your child has the sniffles.
  • Read the weekly newsletters.
  • Be a parent and make your kid do their homework.
  • Sign the daily journal every day.
  • Admit that your child is not the genius child you think he or she is.
  • Listen, actually listen to your child’s teacher.
  • If kids are allowed 1 snack a day, pack your kid a snack!
  • If your child is allowed a water bottle during the day, pack them water, not juice.
  • If your child has a class party and donations such as cookies, craft supplies, or a few extra dollars, send something. This not only helps the teacher but the room mom as well.
  • If your child is struggling, work with them at home. It is not only a teacher’s job to teach our children.
  • Don’t be ‘that mom’ that causes a stink about a certain name brand cleaner that is used in every classroom and used by moms all over the world. Just chill out, your kid will be okay!
  • If your kid wakes up with a fever don’t give them Tylenol to get them through the morning. Teachers cannot afford to get sick.
  • Remember there are 2-3 sides to every story. When your kid comes home from school, make sure you have an open mind and contact the teacher for his or her version.
  • If you have a problem with your child’s teacher, go to them first. Always try and handle any type of conflict you may have with them before going to the principal.

As I said above, 98% of teachers are awesome. They love your kids and want the best for them. In addition, most teachers have 15+ students in each class, must teach according to the state’s standardized tests and are underpaid. As a parent, you should think of your child’s teacher as another parent or a team member. You both have the same goal for your child, you both love your child and want the best for them, so with that said, make sure you partner with their teacher to make their jobs easier.

If you are a teacher, what can parents do that will make you thank them?

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You should be on the same team as your child's teacher. They love and care for your child like you do, so make sure you take care of them and help them out.

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