Does This Happen In Your House

Does this happen in your house? It seems to happen too often in my house. 

I’m not sure why it is so hard to throw away empty boxes and packages, but my kids seem to have a hard time doing it. Not just my youngest three, but even when my older three were younger they did the same thing. Pure craziness in the Fauci house. 


  1. Mommy 2 J.A.M. says

    HAHAHA my boys are always do this in my house as well. Glad its just not me.

  2. Ha! I guess it is just too hard to move that on to the trash! LOL!

  3. Toni Patton says

    All the time! It tends to happen when I am craving something LOL. I go to eat it and there is nothing there boo

  4. YES! That drives me crazy! Also when the dishes are next to the sink or dishwasher as opposed to inside!

    • AMEN!!!! I will be standing at the sink.. cleaning the EMPTY sink and my husband will walk over and put a dish inside the sink and I will just look at him and say ‘REALLY?’

  5. My fiance does this. It’s so annoying! Drives me nutty!

  6. Krystal Butherus says

    It’s not just kids…it’s adults too! My husband is like this. Sometimes we find empty milk cartons in the fridge. Yikes!

  7. Yes doggone it. It’s an ongoing problem and I can’t figure out why it appears to be a hassle for some people to throw containers away!

  8. Oh my goodness that is all my teen and tween seem to do. I think there is an empty pitcher of kool aid in the fridge at the moment.

  9. All the time!! Drives me crazy. I went on a snack food/cereal protest and wouldn’t buy anymore. After about a week I started hearing “there is nothing to eat” to which I responded “Well I wouldn’t know because when I look in the pantry it looks full.” (Well I started hearing it after a few days and ignored it for about a week. Have an apple!) 🙂

  10. that stuff drives me batty. it’s just a couple more steps to toss it in the trash or recycling

  11. Well…maybe they don’t want to disappoint you? In case you were hoping for the last cracker 🙂

  12. Casa Vilora Interiors says

    Yep! It definitely happens here too. You are not alone. I even find them underneath the bed and in the closets 🙁

  13. I hate it! My kids leave a swallow of juice in the container and puts it back in the frig. Maddening!!! But it’s not just my kids, my husband will leave the empty mayo jar in the frig as well. Ugh…

  14. The worst part about when that happens is noone admits to it. It didn’t happen by itself! – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  15. LOL I posted a photo along those lines recently myself. Happens all the time here.

  16. Ha! I hate seeing this too! That, and when they leave just ONE in a large package. So much wasted space!

  17. Haha! I am guilty of this!

  18. I must say that is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! We have a bag for our recyclables on the door to our pantry and what do people do? They put the empty bottle on the country right NEXT to the bag. Really!?

  19. That makes me crazy! It only takes a second to recycle the package!

  20. This happens all the time here, too! I don’t know why no one else can throw things out!

  21. This happens in my house all the time and sadly it’s not from my daughter. My husband has a habit of leaving boxes open or not throwing away the empties!

  22. Debra Rutt says

    This happens all the time in our house…or they leave 1 item left in it so they don’t have to throw it out. It drives me CRAZY!

  23. That’s exactly what happens in my house. We especially have a lot of empty water bottles everywhere lol Daddy loves to leave drops of water in all of them lol

  24. Oh good I am not the only one 🙂 It’s even worse when there is just enough to make you want more. Just finshing it!

  25. OMG! I swear I was just yelling at my family about this all weekend! I found at least 3 empty boxes in the pantry. It is so frustrating when they do that!

  26. LOL Yup, I am very familiar with this happening in my home! My two sons love to get into things and just leave them like this!

  27. My husband does this all the time…and it’s just the two of us most of the time!

  28. Patti Tucker says

    Maybe when the box becomes empty they are overwhelmed with sadness and to throw away the packaging seems insult to injury. CAN’T!

  29. Lol! It doesn’t happen in my home but mainly because it’s just me. I will know to expect it when I have kids now. Lol!

  30. We have that problem too and my other pet peeve: leaving drawers and cabinets wide open. I’m constantly banging into them! 🙂 (Colleen, w/

    • GUILTY! I sometimes leave our pantry cracked… simply because it SLAMS when you shut it and I would hate to wake up a little person… Drives my husband crazy… kinda gives me the ‘payback’ giggles.

  31. My daughters always seems to keep empty cereal boxes. I guess because they want to do the activities that are on them.

  32. This happened all the time at Granny’s during the summer when all the grandkids were home. It’s like whoever finished off the box was afraid to admit to it ahahahaha! =)

  33. Oh my goodness. My hubby is the worst offender though! lol

  34. UGH, I have the SAME problem in my house. I find empty boxes all the time and they will literally be in the cabinet right next to the trash.

  35. If you don’t you’ll hoard it! Recycle what you can.

  36. Yes! Only it’s my husband that does it. Leaves empty boxes in the cabinets and freezer when he takes the last portion then I have no idea we are out.

  37. YES! And it is usually the hidden treats that I have been dreaming about the whole way home only to realize they were found and gobbled up.

  38. Chelsea Olivia says

    OH my gosh. My bf does this!!! So annoying!

  39. HaHA! Future Hoarders? Go ahead and call TLC!

  40. My BROTHER IN LAW does this! Ohh so frustrating haha!

  41. All the darn time. Except, they leave the bags in the boxes, too. It drives me crazy!

  42. Maybe they are saving them for a craft project? That is why I always have random stuff around my house;)

    • My girls will actually take the empty cleaned out Blue Bell containers to their rooms for their American Girl dolls… when they are not looking I snag them and trash em’.. I am a freak when it comes to excess paper goods around the house.

  43. LOL! Yes this does, but I have to admit that most of the time its not my kids. I have been known to be a little lazy and not throw away empty boxes. Or, sometimes I leave one chip in the bag!

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