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For most women, going swim suit shopping is not fun! After I had my first child I became ‘that woman’ that wore a tank top over her swim suit and constantly felt awkward, especially when my bum kept popping out of my swim suit bottoms. After my husband told me that I needed to buy a new swim suit because we were going to the beach, I knew I needed to put on my big girl panties and find the perfect swim suit and I knew exactly where I needed to go, Everything But Water. 

The following weekend we headed out so that I could find my perfect swim suit. I told my husband exactly where we needed to go and he complied, well sort of. Here is my story of that day and my store review of ‘Everything But Water’: 

Yep, that is a crazy freeze frame!
So let me know what you think. What are your swim suit shopping experiences? Have you ever been to Everything But Water? Do you get stressed out about putting on a swim suit?

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Joanna Sormunen says

    I hate buying swimsuits! It’s horrible.

  2. Jaredamy says

    Cute suit! I’d wear a winter sweater and pants if it was up to me haha!!

  3. I’m on the search for swimwear now for a vacation in 4 weeks. I’m not sure what is worse, jeans or bathing suit shopping?

  4. I ensure all my swimsuit shpoping is done online else there would be tears!

  5. I need to go there, I always see super cute suits there! I don’t need a new suit this year but I’m sure I will next year.

  6. Janeane Davis says

    I just realized it has been years since I have been swimsuit shopping – one more thing to add to the to do list!

  7. StacieinAtlanta says

    I love the suit you picked out. Swimsuit shopping has always been kinda intimidating to me for some reason.

  8. Teresa Moody says

    I’m loving that swimsuit! I stay away from swimsuits as much as possible.

  9. I need a new suit. I have no idea where to get one. Ugh. I’ll check out your house of water.

  10. Casa Vilora Interiors says

    I have heard of this store before but I can’t quite remember where. I love the swimsuit. Great color

  11. Keikilani Jackson says

    I love the orange swimsuit! I totally stress about buying swimsuits! I haven’t bought a new one in so long.

  12. Love that orange suit! I’m getting better at swimsuit shopping but I don’t think any woman truly enjoys it 100%!

  13. I hate swim suit shopping. This year I have been working on getting back in shape so hopefully it’s not as bad! 😉

  14. I’ve always had the worst experiences bathing suit shopping. When I find one I like on me, I’ll keep it forever and ever, haha!

  15. I LOVE THISSSS!!! “I said I’ll look..I’ll go…you know ..what ever” I’m thinking “I’ll drag you around and prove you wrong!”

  16. Last time I went swimsuit shopping was when I passed by the clearance rack at Target! I found two really cute suits, but I’m still in search for a great cover up! I’ve never heard of “Everything But Water”. Definitely going to look them up.

  17. I have long since gotten over the stress of swimsuit shopping, because I figure that everyone has thighs that jiggle – some just more than others. There is no shame for me! I have had a lot of luck with finding suits on One Stop Plus.

  18. Spilled Merlot says

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  19. Jinxy and Me says

    Super cute! I have such a hard time finding a suit I like and that fits right. Never easy!

  20. BonBon Rose Girls Kristin says

    I LOVE that store! We have one here!

  21. What a cute suit! I hadn’t heard of Everything But Water before. – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  22. I have never liked swimsuit shopping. And I need a new suit this year too.

  23. Wow, bold choice you got there! I love the color

  24. Yeah, I enjoyed it before I had kids, too. Now, swimsuit shopping is torture! I’ve had the same experience as you with shopping- there’s so much out there for teeny boppers. I wish there was an Everything But Water near me!

  25. I’ve never heard of Everything But Water. I used to get stressed out buying a swimsuit when I was fat. I’ve lost over half my body weight so I’m not stressed about it anymore.

  26. Oh girl I HATE swim suit shopping!!! Makes me want to go cry in a corner. I definitely need to check out Everything But Water…

  27. I had not hear of Everything But Water until now. That swim top looks sturdy and supportive without being…well…lame. LOL!

  28. I’ve seen this store around, it’s been around (or something similar) for quite some time. I haven’t purchased a new swimsuit in years…I don’t think I’ve worn the one I bought two years ago. 🙁

  29. I’ve never been and swimsuit shopping is not my favorite thing. It’s more a body image issue than finding what I like.

  30. Swim suit shopping requires lots of bubbles! I hate it! I found a cute suit at Lane Byrant last year, and I actually love the suit!

  31. I don’t enjoy swimsuit shopping either! I finally found a cute one that covers my post-baby tummy but I could really use a new one!

  32. I honestly don’t even wear one anymore because it’s so uncomfortable for me. I really need to just get out there and find one that makes me feel good though.

  33. I never heard of this store before. I hate swimsuit shopping but I told my daughters I will find a swimsuit so I could get in the water with them.

  34. I agree, it is awkward to be around kids, ESPECIALLY your own kids or their friends, when your swimsuit isn’t modest. 🙂 Yours looks like a great choice. I love the bright orange color!

  35. I’ve never been to this store before but it sounds really great. I usually end up ordering a swimsuit online. I hate trying them on in the store!

  36. Krystal Butherus says

    I’ve never been, but I love that color! I do try to shop sales in the winter, but in Florida, there are not TOO many sales since we can always use a swimsuit!

  37. I’ve never heard of this store before. I may be the strange person here, but I don’t mind swimsuit shopping. I think with knowing what flatters my pear shape, it helps me find things I feel comfortable in.

  38. I have never heard of this store. It has been a while since I have gone shopping. I do prefer tankinis. More covereage and easier to use the bathroom 🙂

  39. I love that Orange suit! I’ve never even heard of EBW…I’m not sure that we have one here.

  40. Paris Anderson says

    I’ve never shopped at Everything But Water; I usually do what Kecia ^ does shop clearance at the end of the season

  41. I have walked by the store many times but never gone in. Looks like a great one-stop-shop for bathing suits!

  42. I’m not a big swimsuit shopper. I prefer to grab new ones toward the end of summer so they are on clearance — and hope they fit the following year!

  43. I don’t try on ANYTHING in a store. I would rather buy it, try it on at home and return it if necessarily. I don’t have many issues with bathing suits, thankfully!

  44. that’s where I went for my last fitting. They are amazing! They had suits pulled for me before I even got there. And, they even were honest when a suit didn’t look good! The one you picked is super cute!

  45. I have never been to “Everything But Water.” Normally my swimming suit shopping trips end with me crying in a fitting room. Maybe if I went looking somewhere other than a department style store I would have better luck!

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