Fairy Tale Halloween

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Last year instead of letting our girls choose a random Halloween costume, my husband and I decided to have our girls dress up as fairy tale characters. At first my girls were not excited about this idea but once we put our heads together and after they decided on a character from a fairy tale we all got excited.

Fairy Tale Halloween

While the girls were contemplating on what their costumes for the Fairy Tale Halloween dress up would be, they had the chance to think and talk about all the characters in their favorite fairy tale books. At first they thought about choosing one story book or fairy tale and each child dress up as one of the characters. One idea was to have them dress up as characters from The Wizard of Oz.

My oldest daughter was going to be Dorothyour middle child was going to be the Wicked Witch of the West and the baby was going to be Glenda the Good Witch.

The Wizard of Oz


I love the selection of The Wizard of Oz costumes that can be purchased through Amazon.com and the  prices are very cost effective. In addition, if you have Amazon Prime you can receive 2 day free shipping. Sadly, my girls did not agree to dress as the characters from The Wizard of Oz, but instead chose to be a character from separate fairy tales. My oldest daughter chose to be Little Red Riding Hood, my middle child chose to be Goldilocks and the baby decided to be a fairy tale witch. I loved each costume and each costume fit their personalities perfectly. In addition, the costumes were not cheaply made and the cost of each costume was perfect!

Fairy Tale Costumes



What are your Halloween plans this year?


  1. I realized this morning that my church has trunk or treat on Wednesday and I still don’t have my kids a costume.

  2. i adore the Little Red Riding Hood costume! One for Scarlett next year I think!

  3. I love these amazing costumes! We ordered one of ours from Amazon this year. They have great prices.

  4. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    Awww the costumes look great and the girls look adorable! 🙂

  5. Danielle Stewart says

    Nice job! I really want to get back into dressing up….fun!

  6. We always do themed costumes! This year we are the 4 TMNT!

  7. What cute and fun costumes for kids to wear. They’re going to have so much fun.

  8. I like each of the costumes you highlighted. Choosing one every year is so much fun!

  9. Adorable costumes for sure. My kids aren’t dressing up this year

  10. Those costumes are TOO cute. My husband just got a Ghostbusters costume so we are trying to find a toddler sized one! 😉

  11. They are so adorable. We always do a theme. This year is Pirates.

  12. we are going to dress up as a ninja family. it was that or the Adams family

  13. I can see why you loved each costume, they are cute. The kids in ’em are cute too. 😉

  14. I think the Goldilocks costume is adorable! I’d totally rock that out as a kid 🙂

  15. I looked every where this year early even and had to find my 7 year old daughters custome we finally decided to get it off amazon and I am so glad we did because it’s a 7-8 and fit’s her perfectly. I hated the fact the the only elsa and ann frozen customs were all ready sold out. Were going to go down town they have a great time and we make out pretty well.

  16. Amy Desrosiers says

    Aww, how cute are those kids! I love to see what the kids are at Halloween time that come to my door!

  17. Oh those are some gorgeous costumes! They are absolutely perfect for Halloween 🙂 x

  18. These costumes are so cute! And I love that they’re actually age appropriate instead of something like Hot Dorothy or Sexy Witch.

  19. Love all of these costumes. Sometimes kiddo gets a store bought costume and sometimes her grandmother makes her one. Just depends on what they decide. Its their special time together.

  20. They are SO cute!!! We plan on being home and handing out candy. We have HUNDREDS (I’m not joking) of kids who come through our neighborhood!

  21. we went to Disney for Halloween so not sure we will trick or treat again. But then again who knows with son.

  22. So cute! Such great costume choices too! Love amazon!

  23. I love Amazon. This year I took my niece to goodwill. We put together 2 costumes for about $10.

  24. Jennifer Williams says

    How beautiful are they. I love the sweet costumes like this. We are never able to go out unless it is an event for little children because the other costumes terrify my youngest.

  25. I’d so much rather buy costumes online than in store. Especially the weekend or so before Halloween, it’s a mad house!

  26. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Look at how cute they are! I didn’t realize Amazon had so many cute things. I need to shop there next year.

  27. They are so adorable! I tried to talk my kids into doing Little Red Riding Hood with my son as the wolf, my oldest as the grandma, and youngest as Red, but they were having none of it, lol. I love that Goldilocks costume, too!

  28. So cute, I always wanted to dress my 4 up as the wizard of oz!! (:

  29. omg how adorable!!!

  30. Look how adorable they are!!!! 🙂 Definitely take after you 😉


  31. My daughters will be Monster High girls this year. We will do our usual of going to our local mall to go trick or treating.

  32. Very cute costumes!! I am so behind on this year, haven’t planned a thing!

  33. When my kids were little, I always bought their costumes a year in advance from the mark down rack. I found some of the coolest costumes and only paid $1 for them! One year, my son went as Mr. Potato Head.

  34. My oldest told me she want to be “something dark”. I have a feeling the teen years are not going to be easy…

  35. Fun costume ideas! We are just looking at costumes right now so this was great timing. Thank you for the inspiration!

  36. So cute! I love the Dorothy Costume 😀 My Kiddies always throw me for a loop with at least one of their costumes so this would be a great way to make sure they all get to be what they love.We planon marpticipating in a few local costume parades and events …

  37. What a fun Halloween! I wish I still dressed up – it will be a normal work day for me, with maybe some orange/black worked into my outfit 😉

  38. Adorable costumes! Reminds me of pre kids when my husband and I dressed up at Dorothy, Scarecrow and had our dog Bailey be Totto! My girls are getting into princess and fairies! Looks like we have Elsa and Olaf on our hands this Halloween. 🙂

  39. Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) says

    So cute! I love how the fairy tale lives on. My niece wants to be sporting a tiara 24/7 so I def know what she’ll be this Halloween 😉

  40. They are so cute!! I don’t have children myself, but my niece is going as a Pirate this year and her costume is adorable!! I just love seeing what the little kids are wearing every year!

  41. Their costumes were so cute and I loved that they all revolved around one theme! My daughter choose to be Rapunzel this year and since we already had the dress, I didn’t have to buy her a costume – score!

    • aimeefauci@gmail.com says

      Ha Ha.. my 3 year old has agreed to wear her witch costume from last year and my girls are being DIY Zombies!!! No $ spent!

  42. All of my kids are grown, but I always buy my grand kid’s costumes! It’s just a lot of fun. Of course, they are all boys and it’s superheros, etc.

    Your girls are just too cute and I love their fairy tale costumes. My fingers are crossed that I will eventually have a granddaughter. 🙂

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