Flashback Friday 2/21/14

The first song that pops into my head when someone mentions a wedding is ‘Going to the Chapel’. I used to always sing this song as a child and it would actually make my mom mad. (I guess she was not married at the time or just not happy with her marriage at the time)

Today’s Flashback Friday from October 13, 2001 is about my oldest sister, Kristi and her husband Jim. I’m posting a few pictures of their wedding. They did not go to a chapel but did have a really nice outside wedding at one of their friend’s homes.  

It was a nice wedding not only because my sister finally took the plunge, but because our entire (or almost entire) family was there. Our family rarely ever is all together at one time. 

Jim & Kristi
Grandmother (the best ever), our mom, mom’s husband, our father, and sisters
This day was a nice day, beautiful weather, good conversations, and a nice union of two people and an addition to our little family. 

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. Lovely post! Whenever someone mentions wedding that song starts on a loop in my head, LOVE IT! Congratulations to your sister



  2. Loved this post & L-O-V-E that song. Big Congrats to your Sissy. =-)

  3. Nexlegacy Performance Institute says:

    Aww! It’s great to think about the old days. It’s till you’re older that you realize how wonderful your life was.

    SN: I forgot you had a sister!

    (This is Chene by the way)

  4. I love taking time to think about past memories, I think it’s important! Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

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