Flashback Friday 3/14/14

Flashback Friday 3/14/14

I have had my girl’s pictures professionally taken throughout the years.  I used to go to the photography studio inside the mall and then realized, after an independent photographer pointed it out to me, that they all have the same poses each time you go. I looked back at some pictures and realized they were right.

I have a few friends that are independent photographers, so I decided to have my newborn daughter’s pictures taken with her. I was super excited because out of all my babies I had never had professional newborn pictures taken.  

On this day I loaded up my new baby and one of her big sisters. The photographer from Tracy Enoch Photography did an amazing job with knowing how to move this little baby of mine so that the picture would turn out perfectly. She snapped a few picture of the baby alone and then had her sister get into a couple of the pictures; totally unplanned by the way. Below is  my favorite of the batch:
Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. This is just the sweetest! And I completely agree..independent is the way to go.

  2. We’re planning on getting our pictures taken for Mother’s day this year to give to my mom. We have school pictures, but not any family ones. SO all the kids and grand kids will come together for this one.

  3. That is a sweet picture. I decide last minute i want pictures and that – of course is entirely to last minute. I started practicing hahah! Hopefully by the second child I will have at least 2-3 mad photog skills.

  4. Authentically Amanda says:

    Such a beautiful picture!

  5. That pic is gorgeous!! One of my cousins is an independent photographer and all of her pics are gorgeous!!

  6. Amber Day Hicks says:

    How precious! Amber/ http://citygirlonhicksfarm.com

  7. What a darling photo!! Your bigger girl looks so proud, almost like looking into the camera daring someone to mess with her little sister.

  8. Absolutely adorable!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


  9. WhitneyMommyNest says:

    I love having photos taken of my kiddos!

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