Get Ready for Shark Week

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Every year I look forward to Shark Week. It is something that my family plans for, makes time for and gets super excited about. I, personally, look forward to the educational aspects behind Shark Week but my kids look forward to how I get ready for Shark Week.

There are a lot of ways that you can get ready for Shark Week. I love getting my kids together to play shark-themed games, eat shark-themed foods, play shark trivia and more. This creates family time and a lot of awesome memories.

Here are a few ways I get ready for Shark Week:

Shark Themed Cupcake– These are easy to make, fun to make and perfect for Shark Week.

Cuddlekins Sharks & Living Ocean Sharks– These are the cutest and softest real-life plush from the Wild Republic.

My girls love to hold onto these while they are watching Shark Week and then they make sure to snuggle them at bedtime.

Sharky’s Diner– I love playing games with my girls and they love playing games with me. Sharky’s Diner is a game that is geared towards younger kids but my 7-year-old still loves to play this exciting game. As a mom, I love this game because it tests my child’s reflexes and it makes them problem solve. You can find the game —-> here.

Beach Themed Cupcakes Here is another fun cupcake recipe that is perfect for Shark Week. It is simple and is perfect to take to any Shark Week themed parties that you might have.

Shark Week is celebrated everywhere. It’s always fun to celebrate this event with shark-themed events. It definitely creates a lot of memories.

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There are a lot of ways to get ready for Shark Week. Here are a few.

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