Glow in the Dark Halloween Candy Mason Jars

Thank you, Oriental Trading, for providing me some awesome Halloween supplies, at no cost to me, to create an amazing and fun Halloween craft for my readers to enjoy.

Easy to Make Glow in the Dark Halloween Candy Mason Jars

The House of Fauci’s love Halloween. We not only love to collect candy on Halloween night but we also love to play fun games, make delicious treats, and create BOO baskets for our friends, neighbors, and teachers. This year, I decided to create some super cute Glow in the Dark Halloween Candy Mason Jars to give out to my girl’s teachers. It’s a fun Halloween craft that is perfect for hands of all ages to make.

Halloween Candy Mason Jar Perfect for Kids of all Ages to Make

For this Halloween craft, you will only need a few supplies. You can find all of these supplies online at Oriental Trading.

  • Mason Jar
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Googly Eyes
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glow in the Dark Paint
  • Paint Markers
  • Glue (I used hot glue)
  • Candy

Halloween Glow in the Dark Mason Jar Supplies

Before you paint the mason jar, make sure to clean it. Some people use soap and water and others use alcohol. I wiped mine down with a wet rag and then made sure it was completely dry. For this mason jar, I painted it green. I used two coats and allowed each coat to dry before adding the second coat.

Paint the Halloween Mason Jar

After the paint has completely dried, I hot glued the googly eyes around the entire jar. Make sure to press down on them so they glue completely.

Googly Eyes

After the eyes have been glued on, you can decide where you will paint the glow in the dark paint. On this Halloween Candy Mason Jar, I painted every other eyeball. The paint normally dries clear, but after it dried on the eyeballs, it was not as clear as I’d hoped, so on the next mason jar, I painted around the eyeballs. Pro Tip: do not paint the mason jar with glow in the dark paint and then glue the eyeballs on because they will not stick, but instead will pop off.

Glow in the Dark Paint from Oriental Trading

For fun, I painted the top of the mason jar lid green, glued some googly eyes and then used paint markers to spell out ‘Eye C U’. I think it turned out cute and the jar actually glows in the dark.

Halloween Mason Jar

Halloween Mason Candy Jar

These Glow in the Dark Halloween Mason Jars are cute, easy to make, and use simple supplies found at Oriental Trading. The Halloween designs are endless. You can make the mason jar that I featured in this post, a pumpkin, Frankenstein, and more. Fill them up with candy and give them away as a BOO gift or keep them on your office desk.

What design would you make? Have you shopped at Oriental Trading for your creative Halloween supplies?


  1. This is such a fun Halloween idea! Love how easy they are to make as well! 🙂

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