Harry Potter Gift Guide For All Ages

I received a complimentary game from Pressman Toys for my review. All opinions are my own. Please also note this post has affiliate links. Please see full disclosure here.

If you are a Harry Potter fan or if you know of a Harry Potter fan then you know how passionate they can be. There are a lot of Harry Potter gift options that are perfect for all ages. From books to games to figurines, the possibilities are endless.

Harry Potter Gift Guide For All Ages

Funko Pops: Some Funko Pop fans keep them in the box and some display them on a shelf. There are so many Harry Potter Funko Pops to choose from.

Book Collection: These are perfect for a new Harry Potter fan that has not had a chance to read all of the amazing books.

Building Sets: Kids love to build and become part of Harry Potter’s world. There are so many amazing building set options.

Toys: Today we were in the toy aisle and my teenager fell in love with the new Harry Potter Talking Hat.

Games: Pressman Toys has 2 fun Harry Potter themed games that are great for family fun night.


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This is the perfect Harry Potter gift guide for all ages.


  1. I’d like to win this for my great nieces, Jazzy! She’s a huge Harry Potter fan. I think most of our 20 ish bunch and the preteen and teen kids are all fans but Jazzy is working on a collection. She’s a bigger fan like the 20ish family members who own most of the HP items!

  2. Leigh Nichols says

    My future daughter in law is

  3. i have a few best friends that are HUGE HP fans I’d love to win this for one of them.

  4. Jennifer Keating says

    Honestly I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but then again so are my sisters! We will all literally sit around together and binge some Harry Potter. Which is why I’m stoked about this giveaway, lol. If I win I just know we would get together and play this often!

  5. My wife is the biggest Harry Potter fan I have ever known. She has read all the books and seen all the movies several times over. We’ve always been to both Diagon Alley and The Wizarding World in Orlando theme parks a few times also.

  6. Molly Pitcher says

    Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? My nephews love him the most and would love to give this to them. They are sweet boys!

  7. The Daughter is the biggest fan, I saw her looking at Harry Porter stuff the other day in Wal Mart.

  8. Everyone in our house loves Harry Potter, but my 11 year old, Paden, is the biggest fan!

  9. our whole family is harry potter fans to be honest.

  10. My boyfriend is a Harry potter fan, and is always looking for new boars games to play. This would be perfect for him.

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