Have a Stress Free Summer with Pennzoil Summer Rollback

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Summer has arrived so that means it’s time to plan our summer vacation. Every time our family goes on a vacation we drive. We’ve driven to New York in a day and a half, to California in a little over a day and of course to Florida to see the Mouse! Our family is so large that it only makes sense for us to save money and drive. This summer we will be staying closer to home and we will be driving my husband’s truck to pull our RV so we can go camping in different parts of Texas. Before we take a road trip we always make sure that our vehicle is in good condition. One way we do this, is by taking our car into the Walmart Auto Care Center so they can change our oil. This will ensure that we have a stress free summer with Pennzoil Summer Rollback at Walmart.

Stress Free Summer with Pennzoil Summer Rollback

Before our RV summer road trip we headed to Walmart not only for snacks and supplies but to check our car into the Auto Care Center for an oil change with Pennzoil. We always go to Walmart for our car’s oil change and were super excited when we discovered that they were having a Pennzoil Summer Rollback. As we were checking our truck into the Auto Care Center, a manager took the time to explain to us our oil options. He mentioned that Pennzoil has 3 oil options to choose from, Conventional Motor Oil,  High Mileage Vehicle and Platinum. Our truck uses synthetic motor oil so we chose to use the Platinum Pennzoil Oil. It’s made from natural gas and has the best cleanliness and protection in the Pennzoil line-up. It also has PurePlus™ Technology and the Platinum motor oil is proven to keep pistons up to 40% cleaner than the toughest industry standard. PurePlus™ Technology is a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into a 99.5% pure base oil. If you don’t understand what all of this car talk means, it basically means that this oil is designed to give your engine complete protection and it will also clean out sludge lesser oils have left behind.

Pennzoil Oil Options

 After our car was in the hands of the Walmart’s Auto Care Center we made our way into the store. We needed to get some extra camping supplies, food for the grill and some extra fun things for the kids like bubbles and pool floaties! I love taking my car to the Walmart Auto Car Center because it allows me to get so much done, instead of waiting in a waiting room with my kids climbing all over me, whining and asking me how much longer. If you get your shopping done early or if you prefer waiting in a designated waiting room, the Auto Care Center does have one directly across from the Service department.

Walmart Auto Center Perks

 After we finished shopping for our camping supplies, we went back to the Auto Care Center and our truck was waiting for us. The entire process was so easy and extremely stress free. In addition, the employees at the Walmart Auto Care Center were very professional and explained everything so we could easily understand. They also took the time to mention that Pennzoil offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or that may experience abnormal wear due to friction. If you want more information, take a look at the Pennzoil Warranty Site.

Pennzoil Summer Rollback

 Mark your calendars, from June 10th – September 9th, Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback at Walmart Automotive Care Center stores.

  • High Mileage $35.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $39.88. {Industry standard price is $46}
  • Platinum Full Synthetic $45.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $49.88. {Industry standard price $66}

Before you go on a summer road trip make sure that your car is up to date with its oil change and is travel ready. It’s not fun to have car problems while you are supposed to be on vacation.

Do you have travel plans this summer? How do you plan for road trips?


  1. I’ll be getting my oil changed this weekend at Walmart. It makes it super convenient to be able to shop while getting your oil changed.

  2. I have used the Wal-Mart service center so many times before. It is just convenient to do my shopping while they do minor things like oil changes at the same time.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful deal for this summer. We don’t have a own car, but it would be great for everyone to go for a wonderful vacation on this summer on their own car. Will definitely share these ideas this with my friends too.

  4. I need to get my oil changed. I’ll see if my local WalMart offers them.

  5. I don’t have any travel plans. First time for as long as I can remember. I’m going to miss it. Maybe next summer.

  6. Fariha N. says

    We have a few short trips planned for this summer. We will be driving so the health of our car is so important.

  7. We always get the car checked out first before a road trip. We like to make sure the car won’t be an issue while we are on the road.

  8. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. We have some roadtrips coming up this summer, and I know we’ll be needing an oil change soon. #client

  9. I have to use the dealership I bought my car from but my son does take his car to Walmart oil changes and has had good service. Walmart rocks !

  10. My husband and I always love to take a driving trip somewhere in the summer. I think this summer we might drive up the coast to San Francisco. We do always make sure we have our car in great shape to go.

  11. My Walmart doesn’t do oil changes. I’d sure give them a try if they did though!

  12. Sounds like an amazing idea. This reminds me, we need an oil change!

  13. i normally have my oil changes done at the dealership but not anymore after my experience of poor customer service this week. I will have to try this out next time.

  14. I am in need of an oil change myself. I have put a lot of miles on my van and have totally forgotten about the oil change.

  15. This just reminded me that I need to change my oil. What perfect timing.

  16. Ooh, time for an oil change! Thanks for the reminder!

  17. I’ll have to remember there is going to be a rollback! I need to check to see if my boyfriend’s car needs a change.

  18. Tiffany Collins (@Naturalycracked) says

    We always use Wal-Mart so this makes me happy that I can save a little money and not worry about the quality being any different. Thanks for sharing:)

  19. My husband went to Walmart last time. They did a great job!

  20. Sounds like a great deal and place to go when you are a car owner! We don’t have one, but I know lots of people who do so I’ll have to let them know about this!

  21. Sounds like a good deal,My hubby does all of ours unless he takes it to his friend who does all this kinda stuff.

  22. Seems like a great deal. Too bad I won’t be due for an oil change at that time.

  23. This is my reminder I need to have my oil changed before Friday! I love that you can drop your car off, and get shopping done at the same time.

  24. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We just got our oil changed at Walmart, too, and now we are ready for our road trip this weekend.

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