Historic Market Square

My family loves to visit the Historic Market Square in San Antonio, Texas. The bright colors, the live music and performances and the amazing ambiance makes us wanting to come back again and again. The Historic Market Square is not just for tourists, it is an awesome place to visit time and time again if you are a local and just want to hang out, take a stroll, and relax.

On this day we planned on attending another event in Downtown San Antonio but tickets were sold out so we happily strolled on down to Market. As usual we walked into a vividly bright scene that included street food vendors, tourists, locals, shop owners standing outside their shops trying to bring you in, live music and a little bit of dancing. 

Shopping at the Historic Market Square is similar to shopping in Mexico, except for it is a lot safer. They have clothes, toys, Fiesta gear, pottery, ceramics, jewelry and so much more. Depending on how much you buy and what you buy you may be able to talk the store clerk into making a ‘deal’.
One great thing about going to the Market is that you can spend an entire afternoon strolling the streets while drinking an ‘adult’ beverage. You can also stop and listen to the live music, shop, people watch and possibly run into Elvis and Michael Jackson. 
My husband and I had such a wonderful time here, so much that time flew by too quickly. We spent this day eating too much, not drinking enough, doing a little bit of shopping and doing quite a bit of people watching. Fiesta San Antonio is coming very soon and we will most definitely be attending the Historic Market Square
Written by: Aimee Fauci


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  2. Alvina Castro says

    We love heading over there. Local tourist in my city! I cant wait for Fiesta either

  3. When I go to TX to visit my son and DIL, they want to show me around SA. I need to write down all these great places you share!

  4. BonBon Rose Girls Kristin says

    I love San Antonio! I’ll have to visit the market next time!

  5. I love town festivals like this. I went to a small one in a local town near where I live and I had a lot of fun.

  6. Shorty Runs says

    Sound like a fun place to visit!!!

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