Hotel Packing Essentials for Kids

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Must Have Hotel Packing Essentials for Kids

We love going on vacations and mini weekend getaways with our kids. Out of all the years that my husband and I have been together, we’ve only gone on 1 vacation without them. We love giving them an opportunity to experience new places but also an opportunity to get away from home and relax in their own way. When you travel with kids it can be stressful if you don’t pack smart. Over the years I have learned what is important to pack for each individual child. Since you want to make sure that you pack what is needed for a stress-free vacation, I have compiled a list of Hotel Packing Essentials for Kids that includes everything from GoodNites to your child’s favorite snacks.

Hotel Packing Essentials for Kids

When I pack for my kids, I tend to overpack so that I don’t find myself having to go to the store while I’m on vacation. It’s important to consider the ages of your kids when you pack for them and even though you may have a child that is older and can independently pack their own suitcase, as a parent you should still double check that they’ve packed everything they need. Here are some of my hotel packing essentials for kids:

  • Extra Clothes: When I pack for my kids I make sure to include at least 2 pairs of extra outfits. It’s important to be ready if they have any type of accident or if they decide to clean up after swimming and before going to dinner.
  • Art Supplies: When we arrive in our hotel room, the first thing that my girls find is the hotel pen and notepad and immediately start playing office. A small notepad will only last so long, so I make sure to pack extra pens, notepads, crayons, blank paper, and coloring books. Art can keep my girls busy for hours.
  • Snacks: My kids love to eat all day long, so instead of buying expensive snacks at the hotel store, I make sure to pack a lot of snacks and plenty of water bottles.
  • Small Toys: In an effort to keep my little ones from getting bored, I let them pack one small bag of toys. This small bag is a lifesaver when my husband and I want to relax in our hotel room.
  • GoodNites: I have smaller children that sometimes have night time potty issues so I make sure to pack GoodNites Bedtime Pants and GoodNites Bed Mats. Even though my little ones may not always have nighttime potty issues, I like to be prepared and since GoodNites Bedtime Pants have 5 layers of protection and looks and fits like real underwear they keep me and my little one at ease.

GoodNites Bedtime Pants at Walmart

Before my family goes on vacation I make sure to stop at Walmart with my list of hotel essentials and pick up everything that I need. In addition, to a lot of snacks and extra art supplies, I make sure to buy GoodNites Bedtime Pants and GoodNites Bed Mats. Before your trip, if you plan on buying GoodNites, make sure that you go to the Walmart website and look for a $2 off coupon while supplies last. This amazing coupon for GoodNites will be live during certain periods, so make sure to keep checking back for more chances to get the coupon.

GoodNites Training Pants at Walmart

Kids have a tendency to get off of their normal schedule when they are away from home, so that is one reason why I make sure to pack GoodNites Bedtime Pants and GoodNites Bed Mats. The GoodNites Bedtime Pants provide amazing protection in any sleeping position that your child lands in, are more absorbent versus the leading training pant, and have 25% stretchier sides to fit and they move like underwear.

Pack GoodNites for Hotel Stays with Kids

GoodNites Bed Mats have micro-pocket technology, are designed to lock in odor, and have a waterproof backing so that the sheets are protected. In my opinion, these are perfect for when your child has almost conquered nighttime bed wetting but may still have an occasional nighttime accident.

GoodNites Bed Mats at Walmart

I know that my little one cannot control it when she has a nighttime accident and I know that she will grow out of it, so I am very glad that I can rely on GoodNites because they are the #1 Night Time Protection brand that allows my child to wake up comfortably. What are your hotel packing essentials for kids?

When you travel with kids, it's important to know what to pack. Here is a helpful list of what to pack when staying in a hotel with kids.


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