‘Hotter Than Hot’ Hot Sauce

The majority of my family loves hot and spicy food; I am not in that majority. My husband loves to make the family his ‘Hotter Than Hot’ hot sauce, so I talked him into letting me share his recipe with the entire blogging world. 

Season to taste. You decide how much seasoning to add. Do whatever makes your taste buds happy. We hope you enjoy our ‘Hotter Than Hot’ hot sauce. 


  1. Whoa! I can’t take spicy food but my hubby loves it. He would enjoy this.

  2. I love spicy foods! I pinned this to try!

  3. This hot sauce looks hotter even by my standards and I eat spicy food everyday. Thanks for the recipe, I am sure my DH would love this sauce.

  4. Teresa Moody says

    My hubby would love this. He’s into hot things more then me. lol

  5. Tough Cookie Mommy says

    My husband would love this because he is of Caribbean descent and he loves spicy food. I’m sure this one is really hot and spicy.

  6. I love hot sauce and the hotter the better. I’m originally Caribbean and love it on almost everything. My mom makes a really good one and I’ll have to give yours a try.

  7. Toni Patton says

    This sounds like it would burn the tar out of my mouth. I think my mom would love it LOL

  8. Oh gosh I totally admit I don’t do hot well – however my other half loves it so I will have to try and whip him up some and see what he thinks! x

  9. This would make a great gift for my dad – I never thought about making it. Thanks!

  10. Krystal Butherus says

    This looks AMAZING! I love cilantro and the combination of all these flavors is awesome. Pinning!

  11. My boyfriend is immune to heat, I swear. I want to make this for him!

  12. I love hot peppers and I’m a hot sauce fiend. Thanks for sharing this because I’m so gonna try this

  13. Curby Aardvark says

    I really love spicy food, this is my kind of hot sauce!

  14. Casa Vilora Interiors says

    Looks like a really delicious sauce. I am Jamaican so I love hot and spicy

  15. Wow, I never, ever thought to make my own hot sauce! I bet this tastes awesome!

  16. Elayna Fernandez-Bare says

    My husband likes hot taste, but I don’t. I guess I can make this just to be nice 🙂

  17. I like spice, but this makes my eyes water just reading the recipe! I’ll pass it along to my brother, though. He’s all about hotter than hot.

  18. Bonnie Gowen says

    My husband loves anything hot, I will have to make this for him soon.

  19. Annemarie Leblanc says

    I’ve never made my own hot sauce before, don’t think I would too because I’m not a fan of the spice.

  20. Risa Bledsoe says

    No thank you. I’m not for the hot stuff lol

  21. Omg. That does sounds hot! Looks tasty too.

  22. Celebrity VIP Lounge says

    I also love spicy things. Would love to try this. Amber N

  23. Love, love, love spicy! I believe anything from a mason jar is good too! I already know my husband will have his napkin in hand while he consumes it all!

  24. I am the minority in the house.. i like everything hot and spicy! Is there a mild version of this?

  25. Misty Battle says

    Wow. I have to send my husband over to your house for his spicy fix. I can’t handle spicy, hot food. He can down it without a second thought. I had to go drink a glass a water after reading this lol.

  26. Love your photos and this sounds so good (but I gotta leave out the habanero pepper).
    I guess mine will just be hot sauce instead of Hotter Than Hot Sauce. lol

  27. I love spicy but that sounds extreme. Might have to try it for my son he’s got way more of tolerance to spice then I do. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Paula Parker says

    Wow! I never thought of making hot sauce before. I think I would be the most popular woman on the plant, if I do! Thanks for the recipe!

  29. Paris Anderson says

    My husband would love this! He likes it hot with flavor!

  30. I like it hot, but my hubby – not so much. That just means more for me. HA!

  31. This recipe looks great! I don’t know why, but I never thought to make my own hot sauce. I’ll certainly be giving this a try.

  32. Hubby and son would love this me not so much.

  33. Paula Schuck says

    I actually like spicy but my stomach often doesn’t enjoy spicy. LOL. Anyways, I totally appreciate a really good fresh recipe and will pin this one for another time. It’s easy to find the tomatoes this time of year here in Ontario.

  34. I LOVE this recipe! I like spicy but not TOO spicy where my tonuge is on FIRE! I LOVE the natural ingredients put into it! Thanx for sharing!

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