How Do You Dunk Your OREO Cookies

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As a child, I loved it when my mom brought home a bag of OREO Cookies. I remember my sister and I would grab the bag, pour a cold glass of milk and start eating. Of course, we didn’t just eat the OREO Cookies, we dunked the OREO Cookies, we twisted the OREO Cookies, we rolled the OREO Cookies across the table and sometimes my sister tried to only eat the middle and throw the cookie part away. I  created so many memories with my sister and now that I have kids of my own, I get to relive my childhood with them. Now every time I bring home a bag or two or three of OREO Cookies, I ask my kids, “How do you dunk your OREO Cookies?”.

I have 3 little girls that love their OREO Cookies, so it warms my heart that their love of OREO Cookies is as strong as mine was as a child. When I come home from getting my weekly groceries at Walmart, the first thing my girls do is grab the OREO Cookies, pour a cup of cold milk and dig in. I love to sit back, watch how they dunk their OREO Cookies and create memories of their own. Each child has their own way of dunking and I think it’s too cute not to share.

Full On OREO Cookie Dunk

Tear Apart OREO Cookie Dunk

Just the Middle

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How do you dunk your OREO Cookies? Do you create dunking memories with your kids?

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