How Electronics Have Ruined Our Children and How to Fix It

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I was never that mom that would give her toddler my phone to entertain them at a restaurant, while shopping, or whenever I needed them to stop crying, but I have to admit I am that mom that introduced my girls to different kid websites or fun YouTube videos in an effort to help them begin to understand and be able to maneuver a laptop. I thought that this was a great way to help my kids grow and I was right. They have learned a lot but on the down side, my girls are now obsessed and they never want to get off of the computer. I have 3 girls ages 12, 10, and 5. They each have their favorite websites and I encourage educational websites or learning videos but to see them always on a computer or with an electronic in front of their face is not good. I admit that I created these little electronic monsters but I know I am not the only mom and dad out there that is experiencing this. I’d love to share how electronics have ruined our children and how we can fix it.

Kids love electronic and they are a great way for kids to learn but sadly it is easy for kids to be obsessed with electronics.

The electronic takeover of my house began when my oldest turned 4 years old. She was developmentally behind and I knew that there were some amazing computer applications and videos that would peek her interest so I began working with her on the computer. She loved it, she began to catch up with her age group and she had fun. My job as a mom was successful until……

  • She became obsessed with it and forgot about her toys.
  • When she had a playdate, instead of playing with her friends, she would get on the computer.
  • She stopped caring about her daily needs such as bathing and eating. She could care less if she ate.
  • When it was time to get off of the computer, she became angry and a meltdown normally occurred.
  • She lost sleep.
  • The computer was all she could think about.
  • She stopped playing outside.

I knew we had a problem. I knew I had lost control and failed as a parent. I knew that I could not allow electronics to take over my kids and household. I knew I had to do something and I knew that it would not be easy. Here are a few things that I tried, some worked, some failed and some of these ideas worked with a few of my kids but not with the other:

  • I allowed my kids an allotted time on the computer. They got to choose which time slot they used the computer in and then once their time was up, they had to get off of the computer for the rest of the day.
  • Make plans as a family. Get up and out of the house and go to the park or do window shopping at the mall. If you get your kids out of the house, then they may not feel the urge to be on an electronic.
  • This is the hardest one, set an example by not constantly checking your phone for messages or alerts.
  • Turn on your kid’s favorite music, go outside and play or if they are older, hang out on the deck and play charades. If their favorite music is on, they will come.
  • Out of site, out of mind. Keep the computer door shut, keep the phones in a basket in the kitchen with the alerts on silent.
  • Chores = Computer Time, More Chores = More Computer Time
  • Periodically change the WIFI password so my kids cannot sneak on the computer when I am not looking or away from home.

Over the years, I have determined that electronics are similar to crack. Once you introduce your child to the world of electronics and all of the fun that they provide, you are setting up your child for an obsession. However, in the world that we live in, there is no way around avoiding exposing your child to electronics and it can be a great tool for learning, but it is important to have control and not let electronics ruin your children.

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In my household, and in many, electronics have become an obsession with kids. Find out ways that I took my kids and minimized electronics in our home.

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